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Chang'an Street into a cycling "stage"? The red light should also be on for cyclists

2021-08-27 05:27:28 Beijing daily client

Chang an avenue , As the most famous street in Beijing and even the whole country , The good traffic order is commendable . There is no retrograde 、 No illegal stop , There are no running electric cars …… But in recent years , But many wear eye-catching equipment 、 Riding a professional bike 、 The cyclists who formed a team and made a sudden dash passed by .  In the of some road riders APP in , Chang'an Street has become “ leg ”.

According to Beijing Evening News , Ride on a APP On the top of the list ,“ Chang an avenue ” The first user in the stage rides 6.5 It takes only 9 branch 13 second , Speed to 43.32 km . In the rankings , At 30 There are more than kilometers 95 people , stay 25 There are more than kilometers 523 people . According to professionals , To achieve this , must “ Run all the red lights , In the middle , A speed passes , It's possible 9、10 The whole journey is completed in about minutes ”. The reporter randomly calculated the four groups of riding teams and found that , There are three groups of speed at 35 km , The other group's speed exceeded 40 km , Overtaking a lot of motor vehicles . And some riders don't wear protective gear 、 Go straight through the red light , Illegally enter the motorway for riding ……

Running a red light 、 Occupied Lane ? High voltage lines that all motor vehicle drivers dare not touch , How can people who ride bicycles ignore it openly ? Even in the middle of the night , Even if the road is wide and there are few cars , Can you act recklessly regardless of traffic regulations ? You bet , The current traffic regulations have no clear restrictions on the speed of bicycles , however 《 Road traffic safety act 》 Article 57 “ Driving a non motor vehicle on the road shall comply with the provisions on traffic safety . Non motor vehicles shall drive in non motor vehicle lanes ”; Article 58 “ Motor wheelchair for the disabled 、 When an electric bicycle is driving in a non motorized Lane , The top speed should not exceed 15 kilometers per hour ”;《 Regulations of Beijing Municipality on the administration of non motor vehicles 》 Regulations , Driving an electric bicycle on the road , Driving in a non motorized Lane , The top speed must not exceed 15 km . And so on , The speed of the bicycle is as high as thirty or forty kilometers per hour , Clearly not appropriate , It poses a certain threat to road traffic safety . and , Even if there is no express provision , From experience, we all know , Such a fast bike is bad for pedestrians 、 Other slow bicycles and motor vehicles are potential unsafe factors , Ran into , Neither side can afford it . As report goes , A few days ago, there was a “ Racing clan ” Hit by a motor vehicle , The young man's leg was scratched , Blood direct current , By 120 Pull away . so , Riding too fast , The first is to be irresponsible for your own safety .

For others “ Racing clan ” Come on , Lessons should be learned , You can't wait for an accident “ Deceleration ”. Loving cycling was originally worth advocating , Beijing has opened a bicycle lane for this purpose , Riders are also common on the mountain roads in the suburbs of Beijing . But exercise 、 The pursuit of speed is not a reason for dangerous riding , Not in Chang'an Street “ Show off ” Excuse for . For any hobby , When it develops to endanger the safety of itself and other people's lives and property , You have to turn on the red light . Comply with the traffic regulations , Keep your own way , Is the real good rider ; Ride safely , Abide by rules and discipline , That's the beautiful scenery on Chang'an Street .

Bike racing , It is a new problem in traffic management . For the traffic control department , We should try our best to improve the relevant laws and regulations on bicycle speed limit , Let the traffic police have laws to follow when enforcing the law , The punishment is well founded . Yes, at night on Chang'an Street “ The car ” The phenomenon of , Targeted dissuasion measures should also be taken , Ensure the traffic order of Chang'an Street .

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