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The "epidemic" line of Taojiang CPPCC system sounded the "assembly number"

2021-08-27 05:28:01 Red Net

Member of the county CPPCC 、 Director of the County Health Bureau ( The right one ) Do Xinguan vaccination counseling in Zhanxi Health Center .

Red net time correspondent Gentle and quiet Yiyang reports

8 month 20 Japan , The battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia has already been won , however , Cadres of the CPPCC organs and CPPCC organizations at all levels in Taojiang County 、 The majority of CPPCC members are still not relaxed , From the chairman down to the members , All “ Assemble ” On the front line of fighting the epidemic , Practice the call of the Party committee with practical actions 、 The CPPCC has responded 、 Members have the purpose of action , In this war without gunpowder “ Epidemic disease ” Show the style of the CPPCC in the new era .

Move at the command The chairman blew “ Assembly number ”

An epidemic is an order , Test the party spirit at the critical moment . After the outbreak , The county CPPCC organs acted quickly , Arrangements were made at the first time , The old and new leading groups of the CPPCC earnestly shoulder their political responsibilities 、 Job responsibilities 、 Job responsibilities , Every day, I go to the township governor to take the lead in implementing the policy 、 Take the lead in publicizing policies 、 Take the lead in supervision and inspection 、 Take the lead in prevention and control .

Li Zhibin, chairman of Taojiang County CPPCC , Secretary of the Party group of the county CPPCC 、 Yang Kaibo, the chairman's nominee, went deep into Zhanxi town health center 、 The main road of traffic 、 The village ( Community ), Supervise epidemic prevention and control and vaccination , And visit and comfort the front-line staff . Everywhere you go , They all asked in detail about material support 、 Thorough investigation 、 mobile phone “ Three yards ” Etc , Listen to the report of relevant person in charge . The leading group of the county CPPCC took the lead in setting an example , Go to the front line , It conveys confidence and determination .

Performance of duties Member of the “ Epidemic disease ” Line forward

The epidemic is the assembly number , Post is the main battlefield . In the face of the severe situation of the epidemic , Taojiang County CPPCC organs house small family care for everyone , Give up the weekend , Actively ask for war , implement 24 On duty every hour , Every day, he runs between the urban areas and towns to check and guide , The Yueyu Tianjiao international community in Taojiang County “ Knock at the door ” action , Do a good job in publicity of prevention and control knowledge 、 Personnel touch row 、 Vaccination, etc ;8 month 12 Since then , Organ cadres were divided into two groups to promote vaccination in Zhanxi village and changtianfang village, Zhanxi town . Carpet check door to door , Look for non vaccinated personnel , And warm heart explanation , Escort to Zhanxi Town Health Center for vaccination .

Total of the county 21 The three member studios played an active role , Offer suggestions through suggestions 、 Make a donation 、 Answer questions and clarify doubts 、 Reflect social conditions and public opinion , The positive energy of anti epidemic is continuously transmitted in different fields . The Committee studio of FUBU Hui Township held a total meeting with the villagers through the live broadcast room of Party and village affairs 4 Live broadcast of epidemic prevention and control , Assist the township party committee 、 The government solves mass problems 15 Pieces of , Harvest people's satisfaction 100%.

The majority of county CPPCC members are in their respective posts , Active action , Through voluntary service 、 Strengthen self-management 、 Coordinate epidemic prevention materials, etc , Strive to contribute to winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic diseases . Member of Yiyang CPPCC 、 Li Jing, director of the County Health Bureau, is an anti epidemic commander , Led the medical soldiers of the whole county to meet the difficulties . Fu Jianming, member of the Standing Committee of the county CPPCC, organized party members to carry out “ Give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members , Let the party flag fly on the front line of epidemic prevention ” Theme activities , Donate masks for Zhujia Village 、 Disinfectant and other anti epidemic materials ……

Work and pull together Anti epidemic battlefield love surge

Since Taojiang County launched novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak , Members of the county CPPCC 、 Actively respond to the county Party committee 、 County Government and county CPPCC call , Actively donate money and materials , Gather the power of love . Extraordinary times , Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC 、 Chairman of Guangxi economic promotion branch 、 The chairman of Guangxi Guochen Group donated value to Songmutang health center in his own name 2 More than 10000 yuan automatic temperature measuring door and automatic infrared thermometer ; On behalf of Yiyang Haoyu Trade Co., Ltd., member Fu Hao donated masks to Jinpen village committee of Fuqiushan township 、 Mineral water and other caring materials ; Member of the county CPPCC 、 Guangdong Huizhou superstar Technology Co., Ltd. Cao saiqing has gone through several twists and turns from Huizhou , Donate epidemic masks all the way 112500 individual , value 3 More than RMB ; Member Xi dengyang donated masks for Taohuajiang town 、 Mineral water 、 Instant noodles and other epidemic prevention materials ; Li Qianming, member of the 10th CPPCC National Committee of Taojiang County, donated mineral water to the staff working in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Huishangang town 、 Fruits 、 Instant noodles and other value 5200 Yuan of love materials ……

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