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Exquisite big man, the new Lincoln Navigator is exposed

2021-08-27 05:49:19 Oriental Information automobile

North American users are interested in full size SUV Obsession , It also gradually affects domestic consumers , Although the roads in big cities in China are very congested , Parking spaces are also tight , But it doesn't affect the rich's understanding of “ Big ” The love of .

Recently, the new Lincoln Navigator released the official map , As a mid - term change model , The mechanical part is still used 3.5T Twin turbocharging V6 engine , However, the power output does not increase but decreases , Have 446 horsepower , It's lower than the old model 11 horsepower . At the same time, the big man is also equipped with adaptive suspension , The shock absorber can be adjusted in real time according to the road surface feedback , Give it the best comfort at all times .

Besides , The front and tail lights of the new car have been changed , However, the overall look is still our familiar family design , Domineering and noble spirit can reflect . The new car may be officially listed overseas at the beginning of next year , I guess it will also enter the Chinese market in the future .

As a full-size luxury SUV, Of course, the workmanship and materials of the new car compartment will not be disappointing . The center console adopts suspended multimedia large screen , Cooperate with the keys in the control area , Easy to use and beautiful . The middle row is a separate seat , The hedonic configuration is very rich , For example, independent display , Multi way adjustable seat, etc .

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