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Weilai car accident, we are actually far and near from automatic driving

2021-08-27 05:49:27 Oriental Information automobile

Last Thursday 8 month 12 Number , Something heartbreaking happened , Mr. Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao brand management company, drives Weilai ES8 automobile , After enabling the auxiliary driving function, he hit a highway maintenance vehicle in operation in the Hanjiang section of Shenyang Haikou Expressway , Mr. Lin died in the accident , At present, the relevant departments are still investigating the specific reasons , Wei Lai has not made a public reply to the accident .

While we mourn for the dead, we should also pay attention to , Although car companies and the media talk about it every day “ Autopilot ”, But it's still a long way from what people think of as driverless , It can even be said that unmanned driving can not be realized for a long time , Never regard all kinds of assisted driving technologies as unmanned driving .

Why do you say that ? This requires us to first understand automatic driving and the technical principle behind it .

First of all, the term autonomous driving itself is misleading , Now we all use 2014 American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Established grading standards , From being completely controlled by people to not requiring people to participate at all L0 To L5 Six autopilot levels , Driver controlled L0 Also called 0 Class a autopilot , Only L5, That is to say 5 Level automatic driving is the real unmanned driving . so , It's all automatic driving. The difference is actually very big .

Today Tesla 、 Wei to 、 Xiao Peng is just L2 The level of , It can help you find directions in the environment with good road conditions 、 Step on the gas , The rest is mainly controlled by the driver , Wei Lai Yu ES8 The user's manual also specifically emphasizes that it can't realize automatic driving , The driver needs to maintain control .

The students of our science and technology special training camp also shared their own experience , Whether it's automatic following in a traffic jam , Or slow down and stop at a red light , They often need their own intervention , It's far from needing human control .

therefore , You must not just see “ Autopilot ” In four words, I think I don't need a driver anymore , As a result, the focus on road conditions is relaxed , The ultimate threat is your own life .

No matter how car companies and media publicize , The law of science and technology will not change , Unmanned driving will not be realized for a long time in the future , This is determined by the inherent limitations of automatic driving technology .

Autopilot relies on artificial intelligence algorithms , Each algorithm needs a lot of data to train , It can only judge based on the existing data , Without it in the data, I don't know what to do , How powerful alpha dogs play go , You suddenly expand the chessboard in a circle, and it doesn't know how to play , The same goes for automatic driving .

Even if the future reaches L4 Advanced automatic driving level , It can only replace most of the driver's operations , You have to take over at any time in case of an emergency , But the characteristic of an emergency is that you don't know when it will happen , So you can't let go of it all the time .

However, although unmanned driving can not be realized now , But future 5 It is certain that the automatic driving ability of cars will be significantly improved within the year , Because we have seen that the mass production of lidar and the upgrading of vehicle computing power are at hand .

About why lidar is so important , I am here 7 month 30 It has been analyzed in the important news review on the th , In short, today's car companies want to improve their automatic driving ability , We should make the electric car have a good “ mind ” There are also two good “ eyes ”, Good here “ eyes ” It's lidar .

At present, the cost of a lidar has been reduced from tens of thousands of dollars to the average 7000 RMB ,Ouster Of 128 The direct hardware cost of linear lidar is only 587 dollar , Although they claim to arrive 2024 Mass production was achieved only in , But the threshold for mass production is getting lower and lower .8 month 13 On the th, Hesai technology announced that their lidar order has been 150 Ten thousand units ,

Various manufacturers are vigorously raising funds for this , From last year 10 From January to now 7 A lidar company is listed on US stocks , The financing of domestic lidar enterprises also reached... In the first half of this year 29 RMB , They have made every effort to increase production capacity .

Car companies , Wei to 、 Xiao peng 、 Mercedes 、 Audi has launched its own laser radar scheme for mass-produced vehicles , Xiaopeng is equipped with lidar P5 models 9 Mass production is expected in January . It is expected that more and more cars will be equipped with lidar next year .

High precision sensors mean more data , With more data, natural computing power should keep up , I analyzed in the science and technology training camp that automatic driving should improve computing power , The best choice is GPU, It turns out to be the same , Yingwei has reached a common choice , Horizon is also getting more and more recognition .

With stronger computing power and sensor support , Automatic driving will usher in a new era from L2 towards L4 Step forward , Will also be more and more deeply integrated into our life , Make travel more convenient and interesting .

But we must also realize that it is far from driverless , We also need to take the initiative to use and manage .

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