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Bank of Changsha implemented financial support policies to help Zhangjiajie enterprises overcome the difficulties of the epidemic

2021-08-27 05:56:30 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zhang Chang )7 Since the month ,“ The delta ” The virus invaded Zhangjiajie , The city has launched a crucial battle for epidemic prevention and control , The tourism economy has been hit hard , Some enterprises are short of funds . Total score of Bank of Changsha , We will promptly implement financial support policies such as deferred repayment of principal and interest on loans , Help enterprises affected by the epidemic tide over the difficulties . During the epidemic , Zhangjiajie branch has handled deferred repayment of enterprise customers in total 5 Household , amount of money 16965 Ten thousand yuan ; Handle the deferred repayment of individual customers 20 Household , Total amount 692 Ten thousand yuan .

Open the green channel ,“ Don't meet ” It can be done . Implement strict isolation and control measures during the epidemic , Deferred repayment procedures can't be handled offline , Zhangjiajie branch urgently reports to the head office 《 Request for instructions on carrying out work related to deferred repayment of principal and interest 》, Risk management department of head office of Bank of Changsha 、 Legal compliance 、 The credit management department and other departments quickly discussed , For Zhangjiajie branch's deferred repayment business “ Green channel ”, In the absence of face-to-face signature , Urgent acceptance in the form of video application , First solve the urgent needs of the enterprise .

Give priority to business ,“ Not overnight ” Just do it . The Bank of Changsha takes the business of applying for extension of principal and interest repayment affected by the epidemic as the top priority , Implement the first question responsibility system , Implement whole process tracking , Communicate and solve problems in time . The business within the authority of the branch shall be accepted and approved on the same day , The business authorized by the head office shall be accepted and reported on the same day , Credit approval department of head office of Bank of Changsha 、 SME finance department 、 Small business credit center 、 Retail loan department 、 The credit card department will complete... Within two working days , Respond to customer needs as quickly as possible , Timely handle deferred repayment for enterprises and individuals greatly affected by the epidemic , Help them tide over the epidemic .

Warm heart to serve customers ,“ No calls ” Take the initiative to do . For the sudden outbreak , Zhangjiajie branch of Changsha bank did not wait for customers to call for consultation , Take the initiative to contact the customer at the first time , Understand the financial needs of customers and the difficulties encountered during the epidemic , Publicize various financial support policies to customers , Send policy to customers 、 Delivery service 、 Send confidence , Get through the difficulties with customers .

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