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Anti epidemic Pioneer - visiting relatives and returning home soldiers stick to the front line of anti epidemic

2021-08-27 05:59:58 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zou Wei )“ I'm from Zhangjiajie , At the same time, he is also a party member and an active serviceman , During vacation at home , It's an epidemic , I hope I can do my bit !” This is a 7 month 31 Japan , A soldier invited to novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhangjiajie was sent to the youth commando team to check out the new relatives .

8 month 1 Japan , On Army Day , His invitation to war was finally answered , He officially became a volunteer . Put on red “ Young volunteers ” Cultural shirt of , Wear a red armband , Fu Xiang in stomatology , During the volunteer period, participate in the throat swab collection training of the Youth League municipal Party Committee , Escort the testing personnel to each testing point 、 Carry all kinds of testing equipment 、 Distribute lunch boxes ……

8 month 4 Japan , Learned that the golden tower community is listed as a high-risk area , He immediately reported to the leaders of the CYL municipal Party Committee , Apply back to the community to fight the epidemic . In the community , He wears bright red every day “ Serve the people ” Ma3 jia3 , Busy on the front line of epidemic prevention , Publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge for residents of huangjinta community 、 Check and persuade the return personnel 、 Thermometry 、 Carry out epidemic prevention and control work such as transporting materials to residents .“ For the health of you and your family , Don't drop in 、 Don't gather 、 Ventilate frequently , wash hands more often .” Every household , Fu Xiang patiently reminded the residents . While on duty , Fu Xiang enthusiastically devoted himself to the nucleic acid detection of residents in the golden tower community , Assist in maintaining the order of nucleic acid testing site , Fully support the front line of anti epidemic , It interprets the military's mission and tenacious style in the new era with practical actions . at present , Golden tower community has successfully completed the tenth nucleic acid test .

In the face of this sudden epidemic , Fu Xiang insisted on the front line of epidemic prevention , Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic , continuity 20 He has been on duty in the golden tower community for many days , Regardless of gain or loss , Practice the original intention and belief that you are a soldier with practical actions .

“ As a soldier , Another party member , Facing the epidemic situation , I should have rushed ahead , keep ‘ A pure land ’, Protect the safety of all families , This is my bounden responsibility and obligation .” Stand on duty , Fu Xiang said solemnly .

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