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Yongding District Women's health care hospital: race against time to collect nucleic acid, sweat like rain and don't leak one person

2021-08-27 06:00:07 Red Net

( Nucleic acid collection under a simple sunshade under the scorching sun )

( Nurse Wu Jing suffers from heatstroke )

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Li Yong )“ Urgent notice , According to the requirements of the superior epidemic prevention and control headquarters , The eleventh round of nucleic acid collection in the region was started ahead of schedule , Please 10 spot 30 Assemble on the first floor of the hotel on time , Go to jiaoziya town 、 Qiaotou Township and Luoshui Township conducted nucleic acid collection .”8 month 22 Japan 10 O 'clock , Zhangjiajie Yongding maternal and child health hospital “ Upwind angel ” A notice pops up in the nucleic acid collection group , All at once, “ received ! immediately !” Your reply resounded through the wechat group , ex , They sounded the war again “ Epidemic disease ” Assembly number of .

10 Minutes later , On the first floor of the hotel ,58 name “ warrior ” The assembly is over , be fully equipped for .1 After one hour , They arrived at jiaoziya town by car 、 Qiaotou Township and Luoshui Township 3 A township , Simply had lunch , Then go to the predetermined collection point . Afternoon , Hunan meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning of high temperature , The maximum temperature is expected to reach 37 Over degrees , As we all know , Today, nucleic acid collection is another “ Tough battle ”. Because the temperature is too high and the air humidity is high , Wear protective clothing 、 Wear a protective mask ,10 Minutes less than , It's sweating , Their faces were flushed by the heat , The hair on the temples sticks to the temples and cheeks .

“ Fortunately, I drank Huoxiang Zhengqi water before entering the house to collect , Took Rendan , Otherwise I really can't support it !”“ I really feel stuffy today , I almost insisted on the last few collection tasks !”“ It's a little windy today , I'm about to collapse !” Airtight protective clothing , Protective mask , Plus protective gloves , stay 37 In a high temperature of degrees , It's hard to imagine what they're going through , But at the nucleic acid sampling site , You can see that it is the collection method of the medical profession , What I heard was :“ Please open your mouth ”“ Be patient ”“ Children don't hurt , How brave !” Patient guidance and encouragement sentence by sentence .

Call at once , Come and fight 、 Victory in battle . from 13 From to 21 spot 30 end , The cumulative for 3 A township 30 Multiple villages ,50 Multiple acquisition points are sampled together 22659 people , Household collection 795 people , Responsible for the collection task 58 Of the medical staff 16 People have different degrees of heatstroke symptoms , also 2 I fainted from heatstroke . In the face of fierce “ The delta ”, In the hot sun, they wear “ Heavy armor ”, Intentnesses , From a hot day to a starlit night , Always adhere to the responsibilities and responsibilities of doctors , They are Yongding women and children who are responsible for nucleic acid sampling , They face the virus , Facing the heat , It has built a solid foundation for epidemic prevention and control for the people in villages and towns “ Protective wall ”.

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