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Helping to create culture, the CPPCC is taking action

2021-08-27 06:18:30 Red Net

Red Net Shuangqing station 8 month 23 - ( correspondent   wang Yao Liu ) In order to give full play to the advantages of the CPPCC , Show the CPPCC as , Further promote the work of building a civilized city in the region . The district CPPCC organized and carried out “ Help Chuang Wen , The CPPCC is taking action ” Activities , Carry out democratic supervision around building a civilized city in the region .

Before the event , The district CPPCC organized relevant staff and some participating members to study 《2021 In, Shaoyang City established a national civilized city field evaluation standard 》, For the creative work of the whole region 、 The evaluation points and evaluation standards are comprehensively analyzed 、 Deepen understanding , And clarify the work content and work discipline . The members agreed that , district Party committee 、 The district government has attached great importance to creative work in recent years , The painstaking efforts made in the creative work have made achievements , Raise the level , We need to look at the details 、 Be practical in small things , Continuously improve the management level , Supplement the short board of evaluation points , Promote the completion of creative work with high standards .

2021 year 8 month 20 Japan , The leaders of the district CPPCC led some CPPCC members , Divide into three groups , take “ Four not two straight ” Go to Shiqiao sub district office 、 Bus station sub district office 、 Conduct field research at various evaluation points in xiaojianghu sub district office and other places , Carry out democratic supervision activities . Sort out the collected problems , Centralized feedback to the district creative culture office and put forward suggestions . In the future , The district CPPCC will arrange the activities , Carry out centralized supervision and daily supervision activities in succession , Long term assistance to the region in building a civilized city .

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