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Build a national immunization barrier! Zeng Qinwei and Jiang Tao supervised the vaccination and "three codes" joint inspection

2021-08-27 06:19:03 Red Net

Red Net Shuangqing station 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zou Xiaoyan Jiang Li )8 month 21 solstice 8 month 22 Japan , Zeng Qinwei, Secretary of Shuangqing District Party committee , Deputy Secretary of the District Committee 、 Jiang Tao, the district head, took “ Four not two straight ” Go deep into the enterprise 、 High speed intersection 、 Residential quarters 、 Street health centers and farmers' markets supervise vaccination and “ Three yards ” Joint query . Member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee 、 Xu Xinhua, the candidate nominated by the deputy district head , Member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee 、 Xie Wang, Minister of publicity, attended .

In Shaoyang economic development zone and Kyoto Century City 、 Zhicheng new world two communities , The staff shall report the vaccination situation and reasons for non vaccination within their jurisdiction . Zeng Qinwei pointed out , Enterprises and communities should adhere to the municipal Party committee 、 The instructions of the municipal government on epidemic prevention and control are in place , Effectively connect with relevant departments , To cooperate closely , Find out the vaccination base , Make vaccination plan flexibly , Arrange staff to carry out “ Knock on the door ”, Make every effort to promote the progress of vaccination . He stressed that , No bad work , Only a good way can't be found , We should deeply understand the significance of vaccination , Guide and urge the masses to actively vaccinate the new crown vaccine .

“ Please cooperate to measure your temperature , Show me your health code and travel card , Have you got the new crown vaccine ?” Shaoyangdong Expressway intersection , The staff stuck to their posts against the scorching sun , All vehicles and passengers entering Shaoyang district shall be subject to temperature detection , Health code 、 Travel code check, etc , Once it is found, it is advisable to receive uninoculated people , Contact the health center at the first time to implement vaccination in time ; Sunday , Community cadres arranged a special bus to pick up a group of elderly people to the community health service center of Shiqiao Street , Medical staff help register the relevant information of the elderly , After completing the medical history inquiry 、 After necessary procedures such as physical examination , Achieve “ It should be connected as much as possible ”. Zeng Qinwei came to a 90 Behind the old woman , Kindly ask the old man about his physical condition , Told her to follow the instructions of the medical staff , Vaccinate if it meets the requirements . Zeng Qinwei visited the highway intersection and community hospital on-site working environment and process , Ask the vehicle carefully 、 Personnel registration and infrastructure 、 Emergency disposal, etc . Condolences to the staff who stick to the front line , Tell them to protect themselves , Strictly implement epidemic prevention measures , Make sure “ Don't miss a car 、 leave no one behind ”.

Zeng Qinwei stressed , Where cash rewards are used as bait , Illegal organization 、 propaganda 、 Cross regional transfer of new crown vaccination personnel , All are regarded as disturbing social order , Handle strictly and severely according to relevant laws and regulations , If the masses find that someone has violated the above laws and regulations , Can report , After verified by the public security, the car and the person will be detained , Pay attention to typical notification , And give corresponding rewards to informants , Don't get vaccinated “ Taste change and out of tune ”.

Jiang Tao went deep into the high tech world. 、 Zhicheng new world residential area 、 Shehu Yipin residential area 、 Sanyanjing farmers' market and other places , Check carefully at every entrance and exit “ Three yards ” Check the implementation , Learn more about epidemic prevention measures in densely populated places 、 Epidemic prevention guarantee 、 Epidemic prevention information, etc , And point out the problems found in the supervision on the spot , Order to rectify . Jiang Tao pointed out , The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim and complex , His request , All departments at all levels should resolutely overcome laxity, paralysis and fluke , Actively organize prevention and control forces , Comprehensively strengthen prevention and control measures ; We should earnestly implement the health code 、 Trip code 、 Vaccination code “ Three yards ” Joint query mechanism , Through inspection “ Three yards ” Truly grasp the health status of personnel 、 New crown virus vaccination information 、 Recent travel experience and peer contact information, etc , Ensure that all information is complete and accurate ; Timely guide the staff in public places , Especially the on duty personnel at the entrance and exit , Well-known “ Three yards ” Application process and steps , Ensure that the customer application is correctly guided “ Three yards ”, One size for one person 、 Full coverage ; We should improve the details of vaccination services , Scientific and orderly promotion of vaccination , Ensure that people of school age without vaccination taboo do “ We should do everything we can ”, Establish a universal immunization barrier as soon as possible , Protect people's life safety and health .

at present , Shuangqing District is going all out to promote the progress of vaccination , Ensure on schedule 、 Complete vaccination tasks according to quality , Fully implement territorial responsibility and vaccination “ Zero clearing ” Work .

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