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Millions of Porsche rear end Haval H9, saw the scene, the Porsche owner's scalp exploded

2021-08-27 06:26:06 Oriental Information automobile

Domestic brands , The harvard SUV The of series makes many competitors greedy , Especially at the compact level SUV In the sales list of , The harvard H6 Up to now, it is still creating miracles . After years of development , Haver group also slowly has the inside story , So a new Haval H9. The price of this car is much more expensive than ordinary domestic cars , But the performance of others is also here , Therefore, many riders support it , Some even say Harvard H9 It's a domestic Prado .

Many people buy Harvard H9 All of them are 30 A flat headed brother about years old , After they bought this car , My favorite is to install a trailer hitch at the rear of the car , So that when you play in the wild , The accompanying vehicles encounter an emergency , They can immediately carry out Trailer rescue .

Some people say Harvard H9 As a domestic off-road vehicle SUV A beautiful person , What kind of result would it be if it collided with Porsche, which is also on the top of the car ? Many people will guess , Porsche is sure to get out , After all, people may be able to afford five havals at the price H9. If it's not as good as Harvard after the collision H9, What makes Porsche so expensive ?

Recently, the streets of Guangzhou , Porsche and Harvard H9 There was a beautiful encounter , It's just that the result of this encounter is surprising . The harvard H9 Directly removed the bonnet of Porsche . Look carefully to know , It turned out that Porsche just hit Harvard H9 On the trailer hitch , It is precisely because of the existence of this trailer hitch , It was easy to lift the bonnet of Porsche .

Due to the protection of the towbar , The harvard H9 Basically no harm , But there was a very serious damage on the front of the Porsche , At least all the bumpers have to be replaced . This really makes Porsche owners very angry , If there is no towbar , Porsche owners believe they can beat Harvard H9 The owner of the .

Lao Hu thinks : harvard H9 The reason why we can win perfectly , It's mainly because its own trailer hitch has a protective effect . But this trailer hitch is really not recommended , Because in the event of a rear end collision , The damage caused by the trailer hitch to the car owner behind is too great . There is an old Chinese saying called “ It's convenient , It's convenient for you ”, If you must use a towbar , Then I suggest you take it off at ordinary times , It's only installed when off-road , Protect others , Isn't it good for yourself ?

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