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Mercedes Benz can't carry it! The fuel consumption is 7L. BMW and Audi are worried

2021-08-27 06:26:09 Oriental Information automobile

Three German luxury car brands , The most authoritative is Mercedes Benz , Followed by BMW 、 audi , These three brands have a large number of fans in the domestic market , In terms of sales in previous years , Audi and BMW are more beautiful , Mercedes Benz, which is very popular with young people, performs a little worse , The main reason for this is that Mercedes Benz of the same level has always been tens of thousands of expensive , So many consumers choose Audi at the same level at this time 、 BMW models , Mercedes Benz obviously realized this in the last year , In the market, prices are also frequently reduced .

In the field of intermediate luxury models , The three main models are naturally Audi A4L、 BMW 3 system 、 Mercedes C The magnitude of , These three models are held by young people in the market , And today we're talking about this Mercedes Benz C level , At present, it is also rising rapidly in the market , Throughout last year , A total of 154614 car , Average monthly sales 1 With more than 10000 sales, it has a strong competitive strength , Of course, Mercedes Benz C Level can be so popular recently , It is also because the price reduction of the whole vehicle is very high , Medium and high configuration models have even reached 5 ten thousand —6 Comprehensive discount of 10000 , Very sincere .

Need to know , Young people care about face when they buy a car , This new Mercedes Benz C Although it is an entry-level luxury model , But on the road , Can still win a very good return rate , And know , The interior atmosphere of Mercedes Benz models is created , It can be said that it is better than Audi 、 BMW is even better , After all, there is a rumor in the market “ Driving a BMW 、 Take a Mercedes ” The idea that , Mercedes Benz gives consumers great driving pleasure .

New Benz C Level in the whole center console design , It can be said that the handling is very good , Whether it's a large area of matte wood grain , Or a brushed metal panel , Will be a very perfect fusion of fashion and elegant temperament , The central control of the new car adopts large-size suspended central control screen 、 Flat steering wheel and round air conditioning outlet , These designs are most favored by young people . Of course, the new car is on the dashboard this time UI After a new change , The keys of the control instrument are still on the steering wheel , But two thumb touch systems are added on both sides , It's more convenient to drive .

At the same time, the performance of the whole space , The length, width and height of the new car body have reached , The wheelbase of the car body has reached 4784×1810×1457, The wheelbase of the car body has reached 2920mm, The performance of the whole data is enough to meet the practical needs of home consumers .

The whole power engine performance of the new car , Carrying M264 series 1.5T The engine , The maximum output power is 115kW(156PS), Transmission system matching 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , New car at the same time C 260 The model will carry 1.5T The engine +48V Electric light mixing system .1.5T Maximum engine power 184 horsepower , Maximum torque 280Nm,48V The maximum power and peak torque of the integrated motor of the system are 10kW and 160Nm, The power data of the whole vehicle is for young people , It's enough .

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