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Can the new Guinness Seth gv60, a Korean luxury brand, stand firm

2021-08-27 06:26:11 Oriental Information automobile

For Korean brands, their popularity in China has also increased in recent years , With the development of Korean brands in recent years , People pay more and more attention to Korean models , The appearance of younger sports has also attracted the attention of many young people . But as a modern high-end brand , In China, people don't recognize him as an old luxury brand , Can its models stand firm , Let's take a look . As a medium-sized subsidiary of geneseth SUV,GV60 The official picture of has also been exposed , The new car with family front face design has strong recognition , The split front and rear headlights make the whole vehicle look more dramatic and have an advanced sense , The big sunken mouth also makes this SUV sporty .

Body side from A The column begins to extend back , Create a sliding back design , The cross-border model design makes it more widely used in the audience .

In terms of interior decoration, we can also see the actual materials , A large number of are wrapped with soft materials , The dual screen design and the through silver trim panel also make the new car more advanced as a whole .

source : Star car yard

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