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When I collected the car, I still lined up! Now, 2 vehicles are sold every month, and they have to be changed to a heavy attack

2021-08-27 06:26:17 Oriental Information automobile

The development of Korean cars in the domestic market in recent years , It can be used completely “ embarrassed ” To describe the , Know that 5 Years ago , Korean car brands Hyundai and Kia , It can be said to be very beautiful in the market , The competitiveness is also comparable to Volkswagen and Honda , But now ? Hyundai and Kia can't even come up with a powerful model , The situation is very miserable , And today I introduce this model , Once the most beautiful Korean intermediate model in the market , It's Kia K5.

kia K5 This car is also a well-known God car in the market , When it was the most beautiful time , But even Passat didn't pay attention , The price once on the market reached 22 Wan has to queue up to buy , Very hot , But now ? The new car fell 13 The price of all , stay 1 In the month of sales, only 2 car , It became the worst intermediate model of the year , In this situation , Kia family can only come up with a replacement model with full sincerity , To impress the Chinese people , Now the new Kia K5 Already on the market , Mass production is coming soon .

kia K5 Although this car is said to have declined in the market , But its popularity is still very high , So if the family comes up with a new generation of models with great sincerity , You can still turn over in the market , First, from the new Kia K5 Design , The whole front face of the new car adopts a new design concept , There are two powerful protruding lines on both sides of the hood logo , The super long through tiger roaring middle net can be extended to the bottom of the headlights , The recognition of the whole vehicle is still very high , At the same time, the air intakes on both sides of the new car are also very exaggerated , With the China open, it is more “ Tiger head ” Sense of being alike , The charm is still great .

From the side design of its whole body , The new Kia K5 Slip back design , The outline of the body lines is very smooth , The new K5 Remove the rearview mirror from its original position A The position of the pillar was moved to the door , The visual effect is clearer . The design of the whole body size , The new Kia K5 The body length, width and height are respectively 4905/1860/1445mm, The wheelbase of the car body has reached 2850mm, The riding space is better .

Of course, Kia, which is cursed by consumers K5 Old interior , Now it has finally changed , The center console of the new car is also decorated with wood grain trim panels , There are also many leather packages in the car, which have a high-grade feeling , The instrument panel and central control panel adopt the most popular dual screen design , The overall interior texture has been greatly improved , The driving pleasure of the whole vehicle has undergone earth shaking changes . The configuration of the whole vehicle , There are all kinds of new cars , Like keyless entry 、 One button start 、 Parking radar 、 Panoramic skylight and other configurations are also equipped .

Power system design , The new Kia K5 The fuel version is equipped with two power systems ,2.0L Naturally aspirated engine +6AT transmission , Maximum power is reached 163KW, Peak torque 196 Cattle meters ,1.6T The engine +8AT Combination of gearboxes , Have a better explosion ,1.6T The maximum output power of the model is 180KW, Peak torque reached 265 Cattle meters , The explosion of data is excellent . As a very bright replacement model , The new Kia K5 Compared with the current model , Great changes have been made , The details are perfect , In terms of price, it is expected that 14 All around , It can definitely be a hit .

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