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Will you like the cross-border station wagon? New Mercedes Benz C-class all terrain

2021-08-27 06:26:19 Oriental Information automobile

Compared with SUV, In fact, there is another model that has been popular in Europe for a long time , Even major brands will launch relevant products for this market , It's a cross-border station wagon .

In general , These models are based on station wagons , By raising the chassis , Change the more wild front and rear surround and equip the 4WD system , So as to improve the performance of outdoor bad roads .

Recently, Mercedes Benz released a new generation C level All-Terrain models , Perhaps domestic consumers are unfamiliar with this name , But in fact, it can be understood as Audi's All-Road models . The new car will be officially unveiled at the Munich auto show next month , As for whether it will be introduced into China , I think with the increasing diversification of the Chinese market , There is still a chance .

The obvious thing is , The new car is based on a new generation of Mercedes Benz C Made for the first-class travel Edition , As mentioned earlier , It also comes standard with a four-wheel drive system , Increase ground clearance and wrap the wheel arch with black anti chafing plastic , There are even two off-road modes , They are rugged mountain road mode and steep slope road mode . motivation , New cars will carry 2.0T Four cylinder gasoline engine and 2.0T Diesel engines , All match 48V Light mixed system .

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