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The design is not inferior to the luxury brand. Dongfeng Qichen's new SUV will appear tonight

2021-08-27 06:48:21 Oriental Information automobile

For Dongfeng Qichen , It has deviated from the mainstream market for too long , They urgently need a dark horse product to return to the vision of consumers . In the past, we were not impressed by Dongfeng Qichen's cars , There is no memory point in both design and configuration materials , In addition, the brand structure of Dongfeng Qichen is more complex , Consumers always understand some confusion , Therefore, the sense of existence in the market is not high . However, numerous popular models of independent brands illustrate the basic point of a dark horse : Selfie, selfie or selfie , Your appearance must be able to play . therefore , Dongfeng Qichen will be tonight 7.30 Bring them a new SUV product , English name is V-ONLINE, The Chinese name will be announced tonight . This product has a new style breakthrough at the design level , Let's have a look .

First , From the front face, the temperament of this car is very fierce , It adopts the new generation of Qichen V-Galaxy Family design , Polygonal large front grille , Match above V Glyph elements , Highest recognition , At the same time, it is also the most aggressive lamp group shape I personally think so far , The whole is like a blade , With a large front surround , The temperament of the whole vehicle is young and has a sense of impact , And it's worth mentioning , The theme of this official press conference is “ The power of youth V You come ”, It can also be seen that this car focuses on young and fashionable style . The overall shape of China open is more complex , And it was blackened , Compared with chrome decoration , Most young people also prefer a low-key but athletic style .

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