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Opening a new journey, the railway sounded the strongest voice in advance

2021-08-27 06:59:12 Red Net

At the end of this year , A number of railway lines will be put into operation , Many prefectures and cities have realized the first high-speed rail , Some provinces and cities have achieved breakthroughs in railway coverage , Further densify the road network to benefit the people's livelihood .

Railway is a national strategy 、 pilot 、 Critical infrastructure , It is the main artery of the national economy 、 Major livelihood projects and the backbone of the comprehensive transportation system , Its position and role in economic and social development are very important . Start a new journey of building a modern socialist country with Chinese characteristics in China , No matter in the construction of railway network 、 Technological innovation 、 Promote development 、 Serving people's livelihood, etc , All played the strongest tone of railway advance .

In road network construction , Lalin high speed railway is put into operation , Mujia high speed railway has entered the operation test stage , The completion acceptance of the Ankara Kowloon high speed railway has entered 、 Zhang Jihuai railway has entered into joint commissioning and test , Jiangxi Shenzhen high speed railway 、 Dun Bai high speed railway 、 Sichuan Tibet railway 、 The construction of Taixi railway has been accelerated …… This year, the number of new railway lines invested and built across the country reached 3700 km . end of the year , A number of railway lines will be put into operation , Many prefectures and cities have realized the first high-speed rail connection to the national high-speed rail network ,“ Eight sides and eight horizontal lines ” The high-speed railway network is densified to form , It will inject strong impetus into China's development , To promote urban development 、 Create a convenient economic transportation circle and play a leading role .

In technological innovation , Fuxing tried to run the Mujia high-speed railway , Light up the light of technology for extremely cold places , The most antifreeze revival “ A unique skill ” behind , It is another innovation and breakthrough of Fuxing science and Technology . The Lalin railway has ushered in a... In Southeast Tibet “ Ultra high specification ” Modern railway , The utility model relates to an internal electric double source power locomotive specially developed for plateau , Jean Fuxing “ run ” On the snowy plateau . Zhang Jihuai railway integrated mechanization 、 professional 、 Factory 、 Information construction mode , use 1 Complete the original plan in two and a half months 5 Monthly project progress . The construction scheme of laying four track ballastless track slab on steel truss beam is adopted for the first time in Tongjiang China Russia Heilongjiang Railway Bridge , Realize the integration of different standard gauge between China and Russia , wait . China Railway 、 Technological innovation of high-speed rail always creates “ It's inconceivable ” Breakthrough and leadership of .

In promoting development , Ganzhou Shenzhen high speed railway will realize the change of train operation time from Ganzhou to Shenzhen 7 It's an hour short of 2 Hours , Let Ganzhou truly integrate into Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District 2 The hour economy circle . After the connection between dunbai high-speed railway and Beijing Harbin high-speed railway , It will form a rapid passenger transport network from the northeast to all parts of the country . An Kowloon high speed railway will be built in the riverside region of East China and central China 、 south China 、 An east-west large transport capacity will be added between the southwest regions 、 Fast and convenient passenger passage . In China, the road network is densified , It shortens the spatial distance of various regions , Inject strong impetus into the development of various regions in China . China Europe continuous train 15 More than 1000 trains per month , Become an efficient international transportation “ The golden passage ”, Push forward “ the Belt and Road ” and “ The new passage of land and sea in the West ” Development , Promote the development of domestic and countries along the line , Railways also play a powerful engine role .

In serving the people's livelihood , Railway pusher 、 Technology 、 matter “ The trinity ” Security system , Stick to the safe political red line and professional bottom line of high-speed railway and passenger train , China's high-speed railway has become the safest high-speed railway in the world , Achieve the safest travel . The railway always strives to meet the needs of passengers for better travel , Launch of e-ticket 、 Mobile payment 、 Brush your face and enter the station 、 Internet ordering and other service initiatives , Achieve the most convenient travel . The average fare rate of high-speed rail in China is about that of other countries 1/3 to 1/4, Achieve the most economical travel . Again , Fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia 、 Flood fighting and disaster relief , Railway as a transportation industry “ Main force ”, Open up green transportation channels 、 Operation of transportation trains , Transport disaster relief materials at the first time , Give play to the leading responsibility and responsibility .

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