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"Toilet revolution" to smooth the road of Rural Revitalization

2021-08-27 06:59:19 Red Net

“ In the past, the dry toilet at home tasted great , Some guests are not used to , I won't come to dinner next time 、 Accommodation ; Now change to water closet , Lay floor tiles , Closed treatment of septic tank , It's refreshing inside and outside , There are many more repeat customers .”8 month 16 Japan , Zhu Hongwei, a villager of Limin Village, Jiaoshan Town, shigu District, Hengyang City, introduced in an interview with reporters , Not long ago , The national rural toilet revolution site meeting was held in Hengyang City , Their village is one of the places to visit .(8 month 23 Japan 《 Hunan Daily 》)

Further advance “ The toilet revolution ”, It is very important for the full implementation of Rural Revitalization , Because it not only involves the improvement of human settlements , It also involves the cultivation of villagers' literacy , And the promotion of rural modernization . Take the toilet revolution as an important part of Rural Revitalization “ breakthrough ”, In fact, it is revolutionary “ Small project ” Driving revitalization “ Big business ”.

“ Platform on the ninth floor , From tired soil ”, Build a livable village in the new era , The basis determines the upper limit . There should be lush mountains and forests as a whole 、 Clear streams , You should also be clean in the toilet in an inch of space . advance “ The toilet revolution ”, It should not be limited to environmental sanitation improvement and waste water treatment , It should be regarded as a basic point for the improvement of rural living environment to the construction and development of ecologically livable countryside . also , Clean and tidy toilet environment should be the finishing touch of rural residential environment renovation , Reflect the new look of the countryside .

With the further promotion of Rural Revitalization , The improvement of rural living environment has achieved remarkable results , The level of village appearance has been effectively improved , But there is a shortage of toilets 、 Dirty, messy and poor is still a long-standing problem in individual rural areas , It has seriously restricted the upgrading of rural tourism 、 It hinders the improvement of quality and efficiency of rural industries , Rural toilets must be replenished “ Debt ”.

Introduction of relevant person in charge of shigu District Agricultural and rural Bureau , In the past, rural tourism was developed , The toilet environment is a piece of “ Short board ”, In particular, it restricts the development of B & B very much . With “ The toilet revolution ” Further advance , The toilet environment in the whole district has been greatly improved , Not only do the villagers get a sense of 、 Happiness is greatly enhanced , Tourists have also increased . Some villagers changed toilets to plant Canna to purify water , Still growing peach trees in the yard 、 Economic fruit trees such as plum trees , Enjoy flowers in spring and fruits in autumn , Beautiful scenery , Improve the comfort of tourists 、 Satisfaction degree .

“ stress the essentials 、 improve weak links 、 Strong and weak term ” Not an empty slogan , It is necessary to focus on the pain points and difficulties of the people and do real things . The toilet problem is not only related to the quality of life and dignity , It also affects the living environment , More reflects a place 、 The civilization of a family . Pay attention to the toilet problem , It can give the people a sense of gain 、 happiness , It is also an indispensable key link to promote rural revitalization .

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