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Qianzhou branch of State Grid Xiangxi electric power: infrared temperature measurement night patrol to meet the "autumn tiger"

2021-08-27 07:03:58 Red Net

Red net moment Xiangxi 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Xiao Shandan Liu Li )“ Cable head 、 The temperature of knife switch clamp is normal , go , Let's go to the next base .”8 month 22 Japan 20 when , The staff of Xiangxi power Qianzhou branch of state grid used a hand-held infrared thermometer to measure the dry wood during the peak power consumption in the evening I Line 、 Dried wood II Carry out night patrol inspection on the line , Accurately understand the equipment “ health ” Health , Eliminate potential safety hazards in time , Ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid equipment in the jurisdiction .

“ Although autumn has already begun , But it's still hot , The load at night is very high . Although it did not reach the peak , But we can find problems as soon as possible through night patrol , Timely rectification .” The company inspector said . Since the beginning of autumn , The temperature is still high , Sunny and hot weather is still “ Sing the leading role ”, In order to ensure the stable operation of the line , The company started the night patrol mode , Organize inspectors to inspect the power supply equipment during the evening peak hours 、 Night patrol of important lines, etc . It can be clear at night 、 The partial discharge and heating of the line are accurately observed 、 Whether the transformer pile head and low-voltage general protection switch are in good condition and other faults that are not easy to detect in the daytime .

“ At night , The data displayed on the hand-held infrared thermometer is more accurate , It can avoid the error caused by sunlight during the day .” Introduction to night patrol personnel ,“ For visual blind areas in some key areas , We focus on real-time monitoring through the infrared lens of the infrared thermometer , Ensure that defects in power distribution equipment can be found in time , Eliminate potential safety hazards in the bud .” The staff shall timely register the defects and hidden dangers found 、 Elimination of defects , For a small number of hidden dangers that do not meet the rectification conditions for the time being , Listed in hidden danger file , Take dynamic management , Make every effort to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid during the peak summer .

Up to now , The company has completed 34 Night patrol and temperature measurement of this line , The power equipment is running well , No abnormality has been found . next step , The company will also be based on line operation and load changes , Carry out night patrol and temperature measurement for other heavy load distribution lines , Find and eliminate hidden dangers in time , Ensure the smooth summer of distribution lines .

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