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Baojing: sing the holy mountain Sutra, make tea articles, play the Kangyang brand, and create a "Baojing Golden Tea characteristic town" integrating tea tourism

2021-08-27 07:04:40 Red Net

Red net moment Xiangxi 8 month 23 - ( Baojing financial media reporter Liu Fan )8 month 19 Japan , Yang Zhihui, Secretary of Baojing County Party committee, went to lvdongshan town 、 Hulu town investigates tea tourism and deeply integrates the construction of golden tea characteristic town .

Yang Zhihui and his entourage successively came to tamp Ji village, lvdongshan town 、 Golden Village 、 Chaling village 、 Lvdong village 、 Tamping sand village and guocha village in Hulu town visited relevant tea gardens to understand the development of tea industry , Field observation deck 、 The Trail 、 B & B construction and other tourism construction sites are planned , Ask about the water source of the site 、 geological 、 The nature of the land, etc , Put forward relevant requirements for the supporting construction of ecotourism and tourism service facilities .

After field investigation , A symposium on the construction of Baojing Golden Tea characteristic town was held in lvdongshan town government .

At the meeting , The heads of relevant departments actively put forward suggestions on how to build Baojing Golden Tea Town with deep integration of tea tourism and characteristics .

Yang Zhihui pointed out , Create a town with deep integration of tea tourism and characteristics , To surround “ Sing the holy mountain Sutra , Make tea articles , Play Kangyang card ” For the idea , Comprehensively promote the deep integration of tea tourism industry , Make every effort to build a tea tourism integration “ Baojing Golden Tea characteristic town ”. We should strengthen planning and guidance , Scientifically formulate overall and special plans for land and space , Clarify the strategic positioning of tea tourism characteristic town 、 Development goals 、 Key projects , Accurately promote the implementation of the plan ; We should set up a work leading group , Transfer capable forces , Form a special class for the construction of a town with deep integration characteristics of Lvdong mountain tea brigade , Establish and improve the promotion mechanism ; To set up a professional company , Actively connect with the market , Use market-oriented construction and operation mode , Introduce professional talents to participate in construction , Ensure that the construction of each link is scientific and reasonable , In line with the law of market development ; We should introduce an overall construction plan , Combine the golden tea industry chain to do a good job in tea production 、 Culture tube 、 machining 、 Packaging and other links , Build modern agricultural technical facilities , Developing smart agriculture , Cultivate a number of leading enterprises in the tea industry , At the same time, develop village collective economic cooperatives with tea as the main industry , Promote the sustainable development and growth of golden tea industry ; To package and plan a number of projects , Innovation of investment and financing mechanism , Especially the capital increase 、 Attract investment 、 financing project , Form the joint force of government and social capital ; We should adhere to overall implementation , Define time nodes , Improve tourism infrastructure , Enlarge the ancient town 、 Ancient villages 、 The protection and inheritance of ancient tea gardens , Promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of tourism products .

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