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China's FAW South Africa factory held a public open day

2021-08-27 07:13:42 Oriental Information automobile

International Online Auto Channel News : In recent days, , The cloud open day hosted by China FAW South Africa was officially opened at China FAW South Africa's kuha factory , This is also the first time that China's FAW South Africa factory is open to the public , In video form , Multiple perspectives 、 The three-dimensional display shows the first large-scale overseas production base of FAW in China .

More than 20 years of continuous progress , Eventually become a model

1994 year , China FAW's first truck entered the South African market , It became the first in South Africa at that time 、 It is also the only Chinese auto brand . these years , FAW is developing and advancing , Which represents the project kuha truck assembly plant in 2014 It was officially completed and put into operation in , Covers an area of 8.7 More than ten thousand square meters , Gross floor area 3 More than ten thousand square meters , It radiates the truck production plant business in nearly ten countries in southern and eastern Africa .

China FAW South Africa factory

Since it was put into operation , Kuha factory continues to provide high-quality talents for the local automobile industry , Direct job creation 240 individual , Indirectly drive employment 1500 Multiple . And with its high quality , Sales in South Africa bucked the trend . In recent years, China has achieved continuous import 、 Terminal sales of more than 1000 vehicles , It has been highly praised by the South African government and local society , Known as the “ A model of South China cooperation ”.

Join hands with South Africa , China FAW continues its public welfare journey

FAW has always been committed to promoting the development of public welfare undertakings in its host country . since 2014 Founded in “ FAW South Africa corporate social responsibility fund ” rise , Has been funding the local development of Education , Bring technology to the local people 、 Training in finance and management , Bring employment opportunities to more people .

China FAW South Africa factory

This cloud open day is also open to the public, focusing on the continuous practice of FAW's concept of public welfare 、 Actively undertake the efforts and contributions of corporate social responsibility . Steven, safety manager of FAW South Africa · Erasmus said ,“ Since the establishment of FAW South Africa plant , Created a lot of jobs , Let employees realize their personal value , And proud of manufacturing high-quality trucks .”

The sense of responsibility is the driving force for workers to make progress . In this regard, xiannico, head of diesel engine maintenance team of FAW South Africa Co., Ltd · Human said ,“ As a diesel mechanic , China's FAW has benefited a lot from its work . From assembly to logistics , The whole process makes me learn a lot . Through efforts , Also held a leadership position for the first time , It makes me very proud . We are also learning how to manage talents effectively , Try to do better .”

China FAW South Africa factory

Talent training is always practice “ Build employment prospects in South Africa ” Top priority . A variety of learning scenarios 、 train , Let employees in the employment experience of Chinese enterprises , Continued growth . Jean, diesel mechanic of FAW South Africa - Jacques · Mwanza said ,“ I am an immigrant from Congo to South Africa , Life was very difficult at first , Until entering China FAW , My life has been greatly improved . FAW has not only improved its life , And help in learning , Now he has become a mechanic of FAW diesel (6 level ), So happy .”

China FAW South Africa factory

China FAW's success in South Africa , It fully reflects that China's automobile industry is rooted in Africa , Broad prospects for common growth with African automobile industry . future , FAW will focus on expanding export channels , Improve financial services , Give full play to the base advantages of South Africa , Based in South Africa , Serving Africa .( picture source : FAW China )

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