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Japanese sashimi or American steak, which medium-sized SUV is more suitable for middle-class families?

2021-08-27 07:21:16 Oriental Information automobile

With the improvement of domestic consumption capacity , medium SUV Our market is getting stronger , More and more families are considering replacing a bigger one 、 A more comfortable car .

Wanting is also , medium SUV For most middle-class families , Just right . They are often in 20-30 The price range of about 10000 , The configuration is quite rich , It doesn't have to be like a compact SUV You have to give up your desire for space , Undoubtedly, this is the most mainstream market segment in China .

There are a lot of entrants , Who can understand the needs of consumers , Who can win more market share .

The user's eyes are bright , What they like , Not only to be able to meet the function , Can also achieve emotional satisfaction , Among them, there are two good , The character is very distinctive, focusing on the medium-sized of five seat space SUV Has become the darling of consumers , One is GAC Honda crown road ( Parameter picture ), One is becang Kewei Plus, The purchase between them is tangled , Just like when you want to have a good meal , Facing two delicious dishes with obvious differences in characteristics , Then choose the Japanese sashimi of Honda Guandao , Or choose don keankoway Plus This American Tomahawk steak ?

Simple and smooth VS Light luxury and elegance

Honda crown road is the first to shout big five SUV One of the models , It was launched to try to avoid the duel with hannanda , More emphasis on seven SUV In size , Better carve out the characteristics of five cars , It's quite expected “ A Taoist temple in the shell of a lion ” Tradition .

Guandao just changed its model last year , To rejuvenate , The front face continues the flying wing shape of China open connected with the headlights , With strong chrome plating to emphasize the sense of massiness , And use the sliding back shape to highlight the dynamic characteristics , The surrounding lines are not cumbersome , Deeply rooted in the essence of Japanese simplicity .

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