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The first half of God, the second half of rotten, the most expected summer blockbuster overturned unexpectedly!

2021-08-27 07:45:22 Tencent Entertainment

Assembled, Hugh ・ Jackman 、 Rebecca ・ Sir Alex ferguson 、 Tandy ・ A Hollywood blockbuster by Newton and Wu Yanzu , It's a long time ago , However , When it was released, it overturned unexpectedly , Word of mouth , Become 8 A big pity of the north academy of fine arts line in June .

The new film is called 《 Recall the puzzle 》, A science fiction suspense movie , It is the most anticipated Hollywood blockbuster in the summer , The director is Christopher ・ Nolan's brother Jonathan ・ Nolan's wife Lisa ・ Joey .

IMDb platform 6.0 branch , Douban platform 6.3 branch , The freshness of rotten tomatoes is 40%,《 Recall the puzzle 》 Word of mouth performance is lower than expected .

《 Recall the puzzle 》 It has the potential to become a good film , Background setting and story setting are very advanced , And the cast and behind the scenes are quite strong .

however ,《 Recall the puzzle 》 It will eventually become a disappointing work , Lost in the story .

The story takes place in the distant future , Because the sea level is rising , There is less and less land , Cities have become water cities , The environment is bad , With a strong sense of eschatology .

Cease ・ Jackman plays Nick , Specializing in helping others return to memory through instruments , one day , A beautiful woman may came to find him , As soon as Nick saw may , I was fascinated by may .

May lost her key , Want to find the key by going back to memory , Professional Nick helped her find the key through memory .

In May's memory , Nick found may before she appeared on the stage , Sad tears , Some wonder what may went through .

Many days later , Nick went to Mei's bar to see Mei's performance , By the way, send the earrings Mei left in his office .

May is very grateful , Let Nick take her home , Nick understands every second , He took her home , Of course, the romance that happened after that , I can't help it .

However , soon , May suddenly disappeared , Nick doesn't understand why , Start looking for clues in memory , However , But I couldn't find any clues .

one day , The police invited Nick to help them find clues about the drug dealer leader St. Joe from a drug dealer's memory . In the drug dealer's memory , There was Mei , It turned out that may and St. Joe met five years ago .

Finally found Mei's clue , Nick is not afraid of dragons and tigers , Go find St. Joe , A story of looking for a lover unfolds , But as the plot unfolds , Nick found , May is not a simple woman , There is a secret behind her .

This is a 《 Recall the puzzle 》 The key content of the first half , The story God unfolds , A strong sense of suspense , The plot is exciting , As long as you keep this rhythm, it's a good film , But in the second half , But accidentally overturned .

《 Recall the puzzle 》 The biggest problem is to break the story when you reveal the truth , Mei suddenly sacrificed herself to save a little boy she didn't know , You can also save , At least you have to pave the way , Let Mei have a reason to save the child , Not handled well at this point , It makes the whole story lose its charm .

Actually ,《 Recall the puzzle 》 My love story is quite touching , And also photographed deep feelings and beauty , A short love , I've been looking back all my life , What a beautiful love story .

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