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Diri gerbason rollover! Face closed, skin potholes, netizen: almost didn't send me away

2021-08-27 08:31:18 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 22 Friday night , A blogger exposed a group of life pictures of diri Reba , Its image is too different from normal , It triggered a heated discussion among netizens .

From the exposed pictures , Delireba's skin condition is really not good : A lot of acne and shut up on his face , The skin is pitted , A few pimples can be clearly seen next to the nose .

Lost the decoration of the filter , Her current depression is also very obvious , The legal lines on both sides and the neck lines on the neck are exposed . With everyone's impression , The delicate and smooth female star image is far from .

Her makeup is also quite “ Pull the crotch ”, Two dark and thick eyebrows look like caterpillars , The eye shadow has not been dyed , The whole make-up face is neither refreshing nor dirty , Very greasy .

Besides , The lights on the scene are also quite strange , Most of the time , Half of her face is in shadow , The other half of the face is not very bright , Not only did it not play any brightening and whitening effect , It also makes Reba show a kind of fatigue .

Although her facial features are still quite “ Can fight ” Of , The appearance in the refined drawing in peacetime is not much different , But facing such a group of raw pictures with flawed skin , No one can boast “ God yan ” Two words , Everyone pointed to its “ Selfie rollover ”.

Probably the greater the expectation , The greater the disappointment , After seeing this group of photos , Some netizens even said they would treat her “ Road powder turns black ”.

There are many people who say , Reba's pictures are very scary , Looks like a ghost , The netizens make complaints about it :“ Almost didn't send me away .”

Same day , The blogger also exposed another group of photos of Zhao Ruth , She has similar problems .

Zhao Ruth's face is also full of shut mouth and acne , A little better than Dili Reba is , There is no obvious acne on her face .

Both were made up “ Pull the crotch ”, If Reba's makeup is too thick and dirty , Ruth's makeup is too white and too few , Finally achieved the same effect ―― No look , A tired face .

All in all , The pictures of these two female stars are very different from the refined pictures usually presented : No delicate skin , No delicate makeup , Looks like an ordinary girl .

But then again , The stars are very busy , Often day and night 、 Work and rest disorder , Occasionally skin problems are also reasonable .

The blogger who broke the news also helped explain :“ The skin of female stars is always good and bad .”

And as an actor , Blindly pursuing beauty is not a long-term plan , In the end, they all have to rely on their acting skills and works .

Regarding this , Do you have anything to say ?

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