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007 shop: is this intelligent hybrid car worth buying wey Macchiato

2021-08-27 08:34:34 Oriental Information automobile

As the Great Wall lemon DHT The first model of hybrid platform ,WEY As soon as Macchiato appeared, she received the attention of the market , According to a source , This new car is expected to be officially launched at the upcoming Chengdu auto show .

Since the launch of coffee smart platform ,WEY Adjusted the brand positioning , On the basis of luxury, intelligent elements are added , The representative model is Mocha ; Now , In luxury + Based on intelligence , The Great Wall WEY And take low fuel consumption as the killer mace of its products , Obvious , The resulting comprehensive competitiveness is real . And is about to be officially listed WEY Macchiatto , It is such a model . at present , This new car has successively arrived at dealers everywhere , Not long ago, chebond was in WEY Shanghai marei store took a static photo of this new car . Because of the Great Wall lemon DHT The hybrid system supports PHEV and HEV Different forms , The actual shooting model is HEV models . appearance : Fashion personality Locate compact SUV The first time I saw Macchiato , The small and fresh body color makes people feel a kind of kindness , The new car continues as a whole, big brother “ mocha ” Design style of , The appearance is expressive . Front face large hexagonal intake medium mesh , The interior adopts a blackened mesh grid structure , Good recognition ; Three family iconic vertical lenses are used inside the headlamp groups on both sides LED The light source , Presents an irregular shape ; Surrounded by a larger size below 、 Silver lips and triangular fog lamp groups on both sides , Make the front face more visually striking .

To the side , Crisscross waist line with low roof line , Outstanding sense of movement ; On the size , Macchiato's length, width and height are 4520/1855/1655, The wheelbase is 2710mm, Horizontal comparison at the same level , The space advantage is still very obvious . The hidden door handle used by Mocha does not appear , The exterior rearview mirror adopts black base + Body color shell , Integrated LED Side turn lights and cameras , Equipped with 360° Panoramic image function .

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