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Similar to the tank brand, the Great Wall's new pickup interior was exposed

2021-08-27 08:42:07 Oriental Information automobile

not long ago , We have reported the application information of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the Great Wall new pickup truck , But only the appearance and parameters . In recent days, , A group of spy photos of the interior of the new Great Wall pickup truck were exposed . In terms of design style , New car and cash Great Wall cannon ( Parameter picture ) There is a big difference , It is somewhat similar to the tank family , We guess it's likely to be with tanks 600 Brothers . As far as we know , The car is positioned as a medium and large pickup truck , With Toyota Tacoma Similar positioning of , The power part will be equipped with tanks 600 The same gasoline 3.0T+9AT Assembly , There will be 2.0T Gasoline version , The diesel version may also be introduced later . The estimated price of the new car is 20-30 Ten thousand yuan , among 3.0T Version or pricing in 25 More than ten thousand yuan , Plan in 2022 Annual listing .

The new pickup interior of the Great Wall exposed this time has changed the style of the cash Great Wall gun , Build a higher level in the sense of science and technology and luxury . Part of the surface of the center console is very straight , It is expected to adopt the current popular continuous screen style , The air outlet of the air conditioner and some function buttons are located under the central control screen . More noteworthy is the shift lever area , The shape and distribution of the gear lever and driving mode knob are similar to those of cash tanks 300 similar , So the overall style is more like a tank family product than a great wall gun series . According to the function key distribution , The new pickup truck is likely to be equipped with advanced off-road functions such as tank turning .

Great Wall new pickup shift lever area

Cash tank 300 Shift lever area

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