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What kind of charging station is popular

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Every time you walk into a charging station , Have you ever thought about , Why are you here ? What is the attraction of the most frequent station ?

Say to the charging chaos “ No ”, The charging pile project in Baoshan residential area has been implemented !

In the near future , Baohong Shuian community is in the general Party branch 、 Industry Committee 、 With the joint efforts of property companies , Land and complete the motor vehicles in the community 、 Reconstruction and installation of non motor vehicle charging pile , A total of non motor vehicle charging piles are installed 200 individual 、 Motor vehicle charging pile 6 individual , Conform to public opinion 、 Gather people's hearts , Continue to promote “ Community popular project ” One by one .



In the daily management of community construction , New energy electric vehicles ( Vehicle ) Charging pile installation and parking space occupation after charging pile installation , And non motor vehicle flying wire charging 、 Corridor charging 、 The problem of indoor charging affects the overall appearance of the community for a long time , It also brings inconvenience to residents' normal life , Add security risks . stay “ Community popular project ” In the vote “ Complete the motor vehicle 、 Installation of non motor vehicle charging pile ” It has also become a popular project in the community with high votes , It reflects the real aspirations and practical needs of residents .




The general branch of Baohong Shuian party thinks what the residents think 、 Anxious residents are anxious , After completing the selection and employment of the new property company , Timely put forward the expansion and transformation of non motor vehicle charging pile in underground garage at the monthly meeting 、 The charging pile of ground new energy motor vehicles shall be uniformly installed for centralized charging . As a result of the discussion , Finally agree on the transformation and installation scheme , We all agree that this is conducive to the security and development of the community .

The general Party branch puts forward the core requirements for the implementation of this project

● Safety comes first . The non motor vehicle charging pile of underground garage shall comply with the fire safety regulations , The equipment complies with relevant national and industrial regulations ; The ground new energy vehicle charging pile shall comply with relevant national and industrial regulations .

● uncommercially . Participate in community construction and management in a non-profit mode , Put the interests of residents first .

The troika worked together , Combined with the actual situation of the community , Go out and bring it in , Learn from the successful experience of brother units , It is agreed to formulate a feasible implementation scheme suitable for the community , And the industry committee 、 The property company supervises 、 Participate in specific implementation .

Installation plan

● Non motor vehicle charging pile : In the reserved 、 On the basis of standardizing the original centralized charging place , At the same time, it is expanded to the underground garage of each building, and a new non motor vehicle charging place is set up .

● Motor vehicle charging pile : Site Selection 866 get 1 Number and 3 The open space in the middle of No , Adopt centralized installation 、 Centralized charging 、 centralized management ; Install a small amount first , Look at its effect later , Gradually increase according to actual demand , And make rules , No malicious occupation , Charge in time 、 Leave in time .

● Charging method :

Recharge : Considering that some elderly people are unfamiliar with online payment , It is more convenient to use recharge card swiping method .

Pay online : Pay as you go .


“ Now charging is convenient and safe , I don't want a battery car upstairs , But it's inconvenient to have too few charging piles , This practical project , Big praise .” Resident Uncle Li smiled and said . On the community communication platform , The residents are talking about , Agree and appreciate the reconstruction and installation of charging pile .


next step , Baohong Shuian Party branch 、 neighborhood committee 、 Industry Committee 、 The property company will strengthen publicity , Guide residents to actively participate in community management , Actively regulate charging , Such violations in the past will be encouraged to dismantle by themselves 、 Dissuade or report to relevant departments , To create harmony 、 Work hard for a safe community atmosphere .

New parking space 1200 individual 、 Charging pile 40 individual , Yizhuang hospital area of Tongren Hospital is adjacent to the parking lot

recently , Urban Operation Bureau of Beijing Economic Development Zone 57 The temporary parking lot of plot No. will be upgraded , New parking space 1200 individual 、 Charging pile 40 individual …… The parking lot near Yizhuang Hospital of Tongren Hospital has been upgraded !


“ Yesterday I went to see a doctor in Yizhuang Hospital of Tongren Hospital , I found the ground of the nearby parking lot clean and tidy , Charging piles and other facilities are also added , A new look .” Mr. Du, a resident of the District, said .

57 The temporary parking lot of plot No. is located at the intersection of Rongchang West Street and dize road , It is close to BOE in Yizhuang Hospital of Tongren Hospital 、 Grand Yuntian hotel is located in the core area of Beijing Economic Development Zone .


The upgraded parking lot not only has sufficient berths 1200 A quick filling pile is also added 16 individual 、 Slow filling pile 24 individual , The parking lot shall be monitored synchronously 、 Intelligent parking equipment and facilities such as road gates .


57 The temporary parking lot in plot No. 2 not only effectively alleviates the parking demand around Yizhuang hospital area of Tongren Hospital , Smooth city roads “ Microcirculation ”, And because it's more standardized 、 The transformation of convenience has won a lot of praise from the masses .“ There is a great demand for parking in this location , A standardized and orderly parking lot is very necessary . Now the parking lot is very tidy , And it can charge the tram , Meet our daily travel needs .” Mr. Du also told reporters , Before he left , He also logged in the newly launched parking guidance system of Beijing Economic Development Zone to check the vacancy of the parking lot near the hospital , Stop purposefully , Greatly improve travel efficiency .

at present , The parking guidance system has included the parking along the urban railway 5 individual P+R、 Yizhuang District of Tongren Hospital 、57 Temporary parking lot at No , The system has high accuracy through dynamic data acquisition , Save time for citizens , Improve parking service , Forming areas “ Security 、 facilitate 、 comfortable ” Image .

Shenzhen Airport newly added 561 A special parking space for online car Hailing There is a restaurant 、 Charging pile, etc

In order to provide more security for airport network car Hailing drivers 、 Convenient parking and waiting service , After preliminary trial operation and facility improvement , The new planning and construction of Shenzhen airport P4 The online car Hailing area of the parking lot has been officially opened to the public recently . Besides , Shenzhen airport to solve the problem of disturbing short-distance passengers “ Rejection ”“ Pick a list ” Phenomenon is the breakthrough , With the introduction of points 、 Tips for pushing airport orders 、 Regular backtracking of order data and other initiatives , Improve the airport network car Hailing service .

newly added 561 A special parking space for online car Hailing

Shenzhen airport P4 The parking lot is located at the intersection of pilot No. 4 road and airport No. 2 Road , distance T3 The terminal is about 2.5 km . There are parking spaces in the parking lot 1833 individual , It is divided into social vehicle parking areas 、 Online car Hailing parking area 、 The bus parking area consists of three areas . This time, a special parking area for online car Hailing will be opened , There is a special parking space for online car Hailing 561 individual .

The new opening of Shenzhen Airport P4 Network car Hailing area of parking lot , use “ White list ” Management system , The background management system of the parking lot is connected with the database of the online car Hailing company , Registered in Shenzhen , Have network car Hailing transportation certificate 、 Online car Hailing with driver's license and good credit , Access to P4 The parking lot . Parking fees , Shenzhen airport according to “ Low price 、 sustainable ” The principle of reasonable pricing , Yes 30 There is no parking charge for online car Hailing within minutes , Vehicles exceeding the free time limit , Charge by the first hour 2 element , After the first hour, follow 1 element / Hourly cumulative billing , Park more than 24 After hours, follow 1.5 element / Hourly cumulative billing , The maximum charge on the first day 25 element , park 2 Maximum charge per day 30 element / God , park 3 Days and above 36 element / Heaven capped .

As the first airport in China to set up online car Hailing channels , The average daily car Hailing operation of Shenzhen airport network is up to 8000 Number of sets . During the early trial operation of the parking area of the network , Daily service network car Hailing 4000 platform , After opening, it will effectively alleviate the tension of airport network parking space .

Set up a network taxi driver restaurant

Chinese food 、 Dinner is served 15 More than kinds of dishes

In order to solve the problem of online car hailing, the driver receives orders at the airport 、 line up 、 Parking 、 Food and other needs , Shenzhen airport has set up charging piles in the parking area 、 The restaurant 、 The convenience store 、 Toilet and other facilities , Combined with the gender of online car Hailing drivers , The parking area is reasonably optimized 、 Women's room , Provide more convenience for online car Hailing drivers 、 Humanized waiting and rest environment .

According to the relevant person in charge of the airport ,P4 The parking lot restaurant is open to online car Hailing drivers , Chinese food 、 Dinner is served 15 More than kinds of dishes , There are also 24 Hour convenience store , goods “ The same quality and price in the same city ”, And provide hot and cold drinking water free of charge . meanwhile , To do a good job of epidemic prevention , Shenzhen Airport recently united network car Hailing company , Launch free disinfection volunteer service for online car hailing in this area , Provide full coverage spray disinfection for vehicles , Focus on the door handle 、 Control buttons 、 The seat 、 Clean and disinfect the rear compartment and other areas , Provide all-round health and safety guarantee for drivers and passengers .

It is reported that , at present P4 The parking lot is only open to online car Hailing , Private car parking areas and other areas are planned to be officially opened before and after the National Day holiday , ... will be added at that time 1186 Private car parking spaces and 86 A bus parking space .

in the light of P4 The problem that the parking lot is far from the terminal , Shenzhen airport will provide P4 Free ferry service from the parking lot to the terminal , At the same time, the parking price setting of social vehicles will be the same as the current near end P1、P2、P3 The three parking lots are differentiated , Provide more options for passengers to park at the airport .

Conclusion :

What to consider in building a popular charging station : Lot ? Parking lot ? facilitate ? still …
If you have a favorite charging station , Tell us all .

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