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Buick Angke banner car purchase Manual: a set of 4WD 15000, should this money be spent?

2021-08-27 09:05:53 Luca car

When you start thinking about buying a car , Move your attention from the car to SUV When I was on the model , Your idea is probably to pay more attention to home . therefore , You will pay more attention to many factors such as space and comfort , This car will carry you and your family . If the budget 30 All within , What you can get is a joint venture brand with good comprehensive strength SUV, And covers medium-sized SUV And medium and large SUV Two levels .

2019 year , Buick has launched a large and medium-sized car in China SUV—— Angke banner . The addition of this model , It fills the gap of Buick in the domestic market 7 seat SUV The blank of . The past two years , lately , Buick Anke banner has been listed after the annual change , There are four models in total , The official price is 29.99 ten thousand -35.99 Ten thousand yuan .

Domestic SUV In the market , You can choose too many products , How do you choose ? Which one to choose ? Let's talk about this topic today .

Change the model, reduce the price and increase the allocation , Cost effective again

There is no major change in the design of Buick Anke banner after the annual change , But there are minor adjustments in the details :

1 A total of 4 models , The selling price is lower than that of the old model , The maximum drop 2.4 ten thousand ;

2 All modified models are added 48V Light mixed system , The maximum power is still 174kW;

3 The configuration of the modified model has increased , Automatic parking is added 、 Steering wheel shift and other functions ;

4 The body height is reduced 10mm to 1722mm, The wheelbase remains unchanged 2863mm.

The new car hasn't changed much , However, the overall price of the four models introduced after the change has changed .2022 Four wheel drive noble , The price is 31.49 Ten thousand yuan , Lower than the old model 1.5 Ten thousand yuan ;2022 A 4WD flagship , The price is 33.59 Ten thousand yuan , Lower than the old model 2.4 Ten thousand yuan . The rest 2022 Two wheel drive noble 、2022 Model 4 Avenir The price of Avia is lower than that of the old model 2 Ten thousand yuan .

In the face of lower prices , Configuration increase , After the change, the cost performance of Buick Anke banner is further improved . Its market positioning , yes 30 Medium and large-sized enterprises with more than 10000 yuan 7 seat SUV, So the competitors include Volkswagen Tuan and Toyota Highlander .

Competing models include positioning medium-sized vehicles SUV Toyota Highlander , Although the positioning is medium SUV, But the wheelbase has reached 2850mm The wheelbase is only... Different from that of Buick anko banner 13mm. But the new model of Highlander, which has just been replaced this year, only has hybrid , Priced at 26.88 ten thousand -34.88 ten thousand , There is a price overlap with Buick anko flag .

How to choose between the two ? A big truth " Hanlanda's hedging rate is a surprise , Encore banner terminal offers have surprises ".

after , At the same level and price , And Volkswagen tuang . In terms of price , Public road 29.2 ten thousand -40.2 ten thousand , It has a very similar price to Buick anko banner .

Buick enko flag wheelbase is 2863mm, Volkswagen tuang wheelbase 2980mm, There is no big gap between the wheelbase and Volkswagen tuang .

in addition , Buick Angke banner is all provided after the modification 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 174kW、 Maximum torque 350 cattle · rice , All have 48V Light mixed system . Volkswagen tuang offers 2.0T Four cylinders and 2.5T Six cylinder two engine , Three kinds of power adjustment , Low power 2.0T Maximum engine power 137kW, High power version maximum power 162kW、 Maximum torque 350 cattle · rice ,2.5T Maximum engine power 220kW、 Maximum torque 500 cattle · rice .

Both models , How to choose ? The budget 35 There is a demand for power within 10000 , Consider Buick anko banner ; No need for power , Want more wheelbase , Consider mass transit .

Price difference 2.1 ten thousand , It's really worth recommending

The four models are simple and clear , Give advice : Noble buy 4WD , Buy the other two flagship models .

The price of the entry-level two-wheel drive noble version 29.99 ten thousand , Price difference with 4WD noble version 1.5 Ten thousand yuan , The configuration difference is a 4WD system . Both cars are equipped with parallel auxiliary as standard 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane keep 、 Take the initiative to brake 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Cruise control 、 Front seat ventilation / Heating function 、8 Inch touch screen 、 Car networking 、OTA Upgrade and other functions .

Two cars , The price of 4WD noble Edition 31.49 Ten thousand yuan , Difference between 1.5 More than 10000 4WD systems , I think if you choose from these two models, the 4WD model is more cost-effective , Is worth to recommend .

The price difference 2.1 ten thousand , What is more configured ? 4WD flagship price 33.59 ten thousand , Knee airbag is added to the configuration 、 Front parking radar 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Automatic parking 、 Rear axle differential 、 Sensing the trunk 、 Steering wheel heating 、HUD Looked up and show 、 Rear seat heating 、BOSE sound 、 Matrix headlights 、 Interior atmosphere lamp and other functions , many 2.1 Ten thousand is really worth .

The last version of Avia , The price is 35.99 The 10000 yuan allocation has not increased much , A set of variable suspension and 2-2-2 Seat layout , It is mainly adjusted for the comfort function of the second row of seats , For example, the front and rear of the second row seats 、 backrest 、 Electric adjustment of waist , And ventilation 、 heating 、 Massage function . Besides , There are not many differences in configuration , It's more about the materials in the car . But these increased configurations and materials , Need you to spend more 2.4 Ten thousand yuan , Do you think it is necessary ?

The price of the above four models has been reduced and the configuration has also been increased , The price performance of 4WD models in the entry-level version is better . If the budget is adequate , The 4WD flagship configuration is more recommended , Just look at BOSE sound + The matrix headlights are already worth , And the price is lower than the old model 2 Ten thousand yuan . As for the Avia model , Those who have a higher demand for rear row experience can be considered , Should be more in the face of commercial occasions , Household demand may not be much .


Price reduction and additional allocation , The cost performance of Buick Angke banner has been further improved after the modification , And all the modified models have joined 48V System , It will be a little helpful in saving oil , But the greater help should be in low torsional ride , So that it can have a smoother driving texture .

One of the most recommended is the price 33.59 Ten thousand yuan 4WD flagship , The functional configuration is complete, and there are enough comfortable and luxurious configurations , With the terminal discount, there may be a good price , It should become the main selling model of its vehicle series .

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