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Audi A5 expensive? After driving for half a year, the owner of the car said six words

2021-08-27 09:15:50 Oriental Information automobile

With the development of science and technology , The automobile manufacturing industry is developing rapidly , In this context, many high-quality models were born . Different Lexus ES It is welcomed by consumers with its good quality . “ The best-selling king of luxury cars ”BMW 5 The Department still cannot shake its position . In today's diversified automobile products , To make a model successful , Must be like Audi A5 So clear your position . When it comes to the audi A5, The shopkeeper Mr. Wang feels a lot ,43 All of the audi A5 High? ? Start driving 6 After a month , The owner said 6 A word . Let me convey my friend's car experience .

When buying, highlight its appearance . Tailgate : This electric back door is really clean , Very clean , Very clean . It is said that Audi is a lamp factory , Small 5 Very sharp . Besides hating the wheel hub , Who buys the appearance knows . new A5 I have a strong sense of interior decoration technology , Better than old A5 It's much better . The screen is too small , Although it can not be compared with domestic . Audi did a good job , Just a little old . But the sense of technology is good ., More suitable for young people . A lamp with a personalized atmosphere , Whenever you buy it, it's very beautiful , Not out of date .

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