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Highlander's "sister model"? New crown land release live shooting, "mobile bed" is more convenient

2021-08-27 09:17:09 Oriental Information automobile

recently , new Crown Lufang has arrived at the store , The real picture of the car was exposed on the Internet . Lu Fang has always been known as hanlanda's “ Sister model ”, This modified model and “ an crown ” Brand blessing , Let the new crown land shine among the models at the same level .

Car face part , The split air inlet grille adopts different design shapes inside , Honeycomb blackened grid with hexagonal frame design , The large logo in the middle is very eye-catching , The internal structure of headlamp groups on both sides is clearly visible . The grille surrounded by the bottom adopts a banner design , It looks very tough in style , The circular fog lamp has a retro atmosphere .

The shape design of the side of the car body is round and full , The irregular waistline design adds a good visual feeling . The silver wheel hub adopts hollow design , Comparable to the petals in full bloom , Two color oval wheel eyebrows are full of power .

In the tail , The interior of the bilateral tail lamp group is blackened , The effect of turning on the light is very obvious , Through type black lower enclosure with single side double outlet exhaust port , In conjunction with the spoiler on the roof , It's all a reflection of the sense of movement .

The interior design is quite Black Warrior style , The soft material package is full of texture , The ride is also very comfortable . The built-in instrument panel and suspended central control screen all adopt the texture screen of LCD , Technology sense .

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