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Chip shortage will intensify? Pay more attention to buying a car?

2021-08-27 09:21:30 Oriental Information automobile

The global epidemic has been repeated , It is the fuse that the chip output is affected . therefore , The shortage of chips has led to the temporary shutdown of some models 、 halt the sales , Has become an inevitable topic . Display according to data , By the end of 2021 year 8 month 15 Japan , The shortage of chips has led to a cumulative reduction in production in the global auto market 596 Thousands of cars , This number is still rising .

Before last week , This figure remains at 585.3 Thousands of cars , Just the past week , This figure rises again 10.7 Thousands of cars , It can be seen that it has a great impact . According to overseas AutoForecast Solutions Research institutions speculate that , In the future, the number of vehicle production cuts due to chip shortage will reach 710 More than ten thousand . See here , I believe the car companies are in a panic , Especially those whose sales are not warm , Or enterprises with only one or two main models , It's on pins and needles . But as ordinary people , You must only care about one problem : Can I buy my favorite car now ? Whether the price fluctuates ?

According to the domestic sales data released in the first half of the year ,2021 The distribution of automobile production and sales was completed in the first half of the year 1256.9 and 1289.1 Thousands of cars , Year on year distribution growth 34.2% and 25.6%. It seems that the domestic car market is not particularly affected by the shortage of chips . But this may only be temporary , Because the inventory of some auto enterprises has been gradually exhausted , Even some models have officially announced the suspension of production and sales . Plus , The prices of many models are gradually tightening due to chip problems , People who buy cars will also be affected .

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