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It smells good! Enkewei plus strength interpretation

2021-08-27 09:21:34 Oriental Information automobile

My friend picked me up at the weekend , I'm going to have dinner in Hongyang square , When he came, I found that he had changed his new car . The model really brightens people's eyes .7 Medium size seats SUV, The color of Merlot red is very eye-catching , Show off to me all the way , How easy this car is to drive .

We had a meal at the mall , When I got back, he offered me a test drive , I thought it would be useless to try , I drove him and output crazy …… Introduce the features of his new car . Finally stopped , I'm still photographing his car . I have reason to suspect that he didn't pull me to dinner , But to show off his new car . There is one saying. , This car is really good , In the boast of friends , I also have a certain understanding of a series of functions of this car . Don't talk much , Put the picture directly

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