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Don't be cheated! Tesla humanoid robots are just "dancers" in spandex suits

2021-08-27 09:28:04 Xinzhiyuan

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【 Introduction to new wisdom 】 tesla AI Japan , Humanoid robot shock release , Who knows it's just a hoax . Official website claims , The future can replace human beings to carry out unsafe 、 repeat 、 Boring work . Ask musk , He doesn't know what to do . What he calls innovation , It's just a man in an spandex suit 「 Dancer 」.

Another scam ...

tesla AI Japan , Humanoid robot shocked and announced .

Don't ask , Musk doesn't know what to do with it !

‍ Whether for its investors or others , This is just a concept that musk blindly instills .

Maybe musk doesn't need a robot , What he calls innovation , Just a man in an spandex suit 「 Dancer 」.

Tesla humanoid robot , A scam

What can it do ?

They say they go to factories to work instead of human beings , But take a general look at its design , This possibility was immediately ruled out .

This robot is tall 1.72 rice , load 18 kg , Be able to 8 Moving at a speed of kilometers per hour .

Besides , It also carries 40 An electromechanical actuator , With the same hands and feet as humans .

Thanks to the use of lightweight materials , The robot weighs only 56.7 kg . The face has a screen that displays user information .

Tesla claims , Tesla AI And chip technology , Will be applied .

The robot will use a vision based neural network ,AP The camera and FSD A complete set of computing equipment .

Tesla robot is what musk promises you everything you want , And encourage you to pursue your dreams with him .

Obviously , It's a scam .

Tesla's official website claims that , This robot is a substitute for human beings 「 unsafe 、 repeat 、 Boring work 」.

But musk describes its future capabilities as 《 Public enemy of machinery 》(I, Robot) A scene like that in .

Musk in AI In order to prove this , explains ,

「 You can say to it , Please pick up that bolt , Fix it to the car with that wrench , It should be able to do this .

Please go to the store and buy me ... thing . Such requirements , I think we can do .」

Actually , Tesla didn't design robots to be practical , But to give us 「 Instill warmth 、 Vague hope 」.

Boston power Atlas? musk : One year beyond

Tesla is busy thinking about how to design the best mannequin to show its robot .

Boston Dynamics, a popular robotics company, has begun to make robots Atlas and Spot dance , Show Parkour .

And shake the world with back somersaults !

Musk thinks ,「 What's wrong? . In a few years , The robot will move very fast .」

In the field of industrial robot manufacturing , The largest manufacturer of industrial robots 、 From Japan FANUC Has also occupied a place .

besides , Germany KUKA company 、 Swiss ABB The company also continues to provide customers with relevant products and services .

Tesla pedestrian robot and Atlas、Spot comparison , It's quite different .

After all , Boston dynamics was founded in 1992 year , This makes Tesla lag behind in this regard 30 year .

Even so , Boston Dynamics does not describe robots as anything other than research and development .

「Atlas It's just a way to push the frontier of Robotics , It's still far from commercial deployment .」

In the video just updated last week , The company showed how difficult it is to build a biped robot , as well as Atlas How often do you fall .

Musk describes his humanoid robot as capable of 「 Follow human instructions 」 Bionic robot .

It is worth noting that , Boston Dynamics has developed Atlas And its biped robot more than 10 year .

Musk thinks he can surpass their work in a year .

For making humanoid robots , There are more and more difficult problems to be solved .

Unlike making rockets or cars , Humanoid robots need an ambitious vision , Plus a smart team and continuous investment .

Are these fundamental breakthroughs impossible for Tesla ?

It's not impossible .

however , Musk is in Tesla AI Speech on the day , Revealed that he didn't actually know what to let the humanoid robot do .

Musk said ,「 I think in the future , Manual work would be an option , You can do it if you like , If you don't want to .」

Humanoid robots , The willows are dark and the flowers are bright, but there are thorns ?

At a panel discussion that brought together robot researchers ,《 Us news & world report 》 Senior author 、 Former president of the National Association of Science Writers Charles Petit Put forward , There are predictions that ,30 Years later, there will be people walking like people 、 speak 、 An emotional robot .

「 They will take your children to the football game 、 Tell you what time to get up , It can also help you choose groceries . They will even sit down and talk to you about how you get along with your wife or husband .」

however , If we don't even know how our brains work , How to make such an intelligent robot ?

Co founder of MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Marvin Minsky Think it's possible , It's just that people can't predict how long it will take .

The key is to make the robot have a kind of 「 Common sense reasoning 」 Ability .

Professor of computer science at Stanford University John McCarthy I agree with you . In his opinion , Robots need to be designed as electrical appliances , Instead of re creating humans . After all, we don't want people to hate or love robots or something like that .

For the future of humanoid robots ,John McCarthy The professor is not optimistic .

He pointed out that , A large part of the research in the field of artificial intelligence is moving on the wrong track , And he himself , It's hard not to do it again .

It is not a good thing to use mechanical devices to help human beings deal with trivial things . however , The future of humanoid robots is still uncertain , But musk is still confident .

When asked whether Tesla robot will be mass produced , Musk said , I hope so .

that , Let's wait and see .

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