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Without price increase, you can enjoy many new c3-xr with configurations less than 100000

2021-08-27 09:34:47 58 car

The first cup of milk tea this autumn , Earlier than last year , This year's “ Happy autumn ” It also lasts longer than in previous years .

however , You know better than “ The first cup of milk tea in autumn ” What is happier ?

When I bought milk tea “ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ”, It's a happy wool gathering when shopping …… you 're right , The happiness of contemporary young people is so simple . Understand the happiness of young people , To give young people the most happiness . Dongfeng Citroen who knows this well , Use one “ Additional allocation does not increase the price ” Brand new C3-XR, Achieve the ultimate happiness goal of young people .

Than milk tea “ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ” And be happy new C3-XR Is the source of happiness

new C3-XR This year 7 On the listed , The appearance of the new car 、 interior 、 power 、 Update the configuration , Meet the uncompromising pursuit of quality and enjoyment of consumers .

For the majority of young people , Sometimes sensibility is often greater than rationality , The perceptual side focuses on the picky appearance . new C3-XR A comprehensive upgrade has been made in the appearance design , The overall shape continues the characteristics of Citroen family design , The shape is more avant-garde and fashionable 、 Combination of hardness and softness , The detailed design has been further optimized . The large-size parameterized air inlet grille is equipped with blackened medium mesh shape , Create a strong visual impact , The rhyme geometric rear also echoes the shape outside the front grille , Multiply the sense of fashion and vitality .

interiors , new C3-XR Most of them use environmentally friendly materials , The whole process is environmentally friendly , Both taste and health , It not only provides a comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers , Think more about their health , Always maintain a good riding environment , Make every trip fresh and comfortable .

Besides , new C3-XR It also retains the multi-function steering wheel 、 Four door power windows ( The driver's side is equipped with one button lowering and anti pinch functions )、 Rear seats 4/6 folding 、 Rear windshield demisting function and other practical configurations . In space , new C3-XR Have 4288mm The length of the car body 、2655mm Super long wheelbase and 420L Large boot space , Excellent space design provides customers with comfortable driving space , Enjoy a happy driving experience .

Vehicle configuration , new C3-XR Not only with the remote key 、 Electric air conditioning 、 Humanized Intelligent Customers such as electric skylights , It's also achieved STT Engine intelligent start stop system and EPS Variable speed electronic power steering system , The configuration is very kind . Besides , new C3-XR Also carry the Grip Control Intelligent multi road condition adaptation system , It can switch roads with one button 、 sand 、 The snow 、 Mudland 、ESP Turn off five traffic modes , Make the smartest response according to local conditions , Gallop on the mountains and rivers, but walk on the ground , Bring all-round comfort of body and heart , Let the quality sense of the whole vehicle be further improved .

Better than picking up wool new C3-XR“ Additional allocation does not increase the price ”

new C3-XR It's not just the beauty 、 Strong sense of technology , Cost performance is also quite excellent . As a “ Young people have a high starting point SUV”, new C3-XR Continue Citroen “ Additional allocation does not increase the price ” promise , Add Zhihui digital LCD combination instrument 、9 Inch Touch screen intelligent networking system 、 Navigation 、 Intelligent technology configuration such as reversing image , It's for contemporary young people with both beauty and strength “ Happy car ”.

what's more , Buy brand new C3-XR You can also enjoy it immediately “ Happy planet triple gift ”, in other words , Less than 10 You can have a high cost performance , The happy planet of freedom . For the majority of young people , Also too happy . After all , So sincere “ wool ” It's a pity not to collect .

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