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How far can the blind box market go?

2021-08-27 09:38:06 Red Net

writing / Meng Wei

“ Once I tried to draw a hidden money , Smoked 100 Many have not been drawn yet , Obsession is terrible .” The present , First hand blind box because of its “ blind ” Its features attract a large number of players , Because of its “ blind ” And produced a large volume of second-hand market . Except in the store 、 Robot shop 、 Buy a first-hand blind box through the Internet , The popularity of the blind box in the second-hand trading platform is also gradually increasing .(8 month 22 Japan Surging news )

“ Blind box ” The word has long been out of the circle , The popularity of the blind box market is unimaginable , The warming of the second-hand market is a bit of a blind box 2.0 The meaning of the times . Blind box , Is to put different styles of goods in the same box , Consumers rely on probability “ Demolition ” Get your favorite goods . In addition to the original toys , Restaurant 、 Beauty makeup 、 Stationery 、 Books and many other fields have also set off “ Blind box wind ”. however , Generally, one or two of a series of blind boxes can't be drawn , So it's great to buy second-hand blind boxes .

It's just , Like a blind box , Second hand blind boxes also have problems . Explosion premium 50 times , Most of them sell at a discount , Second hand blind box market “ The heat and cold are uneven ” It highlights the chaos of economic order . such as , Looking for unicorn's “Bob To marry him ” The original price of this blind box 89 element , Now the price on the second-hand trading platform is 2000 Yuan to 5000 yuan ; The original price 59 Yuan's bubble mart's “ Mouse small ” But down to 10 Yuan of the following . Hidden or special premium up to dozens of times , But more are far lower than the original price “ Chinese cabbage price ”, such “ Lameness ” It's hard to go steady and far .

It's not hard to find out , No matter which market , The blind box is always hard to change “ gambling ” temperament . Need to know , The blind box belongs to probabilistic reward , In order to get the things or information you want , People will repeat the same action again and again , Then draw the blind box “ addiction ”. It's just ,“ Get what you want ” The probability of hiding money is only 1/144, So people in order to get this special “ Reward ”,“ End box ”“ Shake the box ”“ Squatting shop ” The playing methods of players with such depth emerge one after another , It took a lot of time and energy . In a sense , Is in the “ bet ”.

Just this “ Surprise economy ” Will it really bring a good mood ?“ Kaka ” Open the blind box with a sound , If you find something you don't like , All expectations and freshness will disappear at the moment of opening , There is a certain emotional risk in Unblinding . Besides , Although the unit price of the blind box is basically about tens of yuan , However, it is not easy to draw a favorite style or set a set , Some spend nearly one million yuan a year . Even if the moment of Unblinding satisfies your curiosity , But it's hard to be bothered to look at those items that can't be used at all .

Although the blind box is very popular now , But we should also analyze the pros and cons , Don't be too blind . Removing the blind box can bring pleasure 、 Relieve psychological pressure , But if you spend blindly in order to collect things 、 Debt consumption , It will bring trouble to people . also , Merchant over marketing 、 Suspected false propaganda 、 It is difficult to guarantee product quality and solve consumer disputes , If the blind box market cannot be standardized as soon as possible , Blind box “ Rollover ” It's just a matter of time .

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