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The new Mercedes Benz AMG 63 is on the market! The price difference is nearly one million. What's the difference between it and the G500

2021-08-27 09:39:08 Snail chezhi

At home , Mercedes G Class is famous 「 RMB harvester 」, When the price increases, it's called a cruel . take G63 Come on , Regular version markup 70-90 ten thousand , And the limited or specially designed version based on it , It's all about charging millions to raise the price and collect the car .

lately , Mercedes -AMG G63 It has been changed to market , This time it's not just a fare increase , It has also increased its price ! The new AMG G63 Only one model is available , The official price is 245.8 ten thousand , Compared with the old model (222.88 ten thousand ) It's up 22.92 Ten thousand yuan .

Again verified that sentence : Mercedes never pits the poor ! After all , If I have no money, I'll cut it down 22.92 ten thousand , I still can't afford ; And rich they , How can you lack this 20 More than ten thousand ? Since the price has increased , It has to make the noble future new AMG G 63 The owner knows ,2020 The paragraph 20 The inch wheel hub is replaced by 22 Inch AMG Cross spoke forged rim .

Besides , On the car body AMG Night pack Deluxe and AMG There are two customization schemes for matte version of night component , Mainly for bumper 、 Wheel eyebrow 、 The rim and other parts shall be blackened , The optional prices are 7.5 Million and $ 6.4 Ten thousand yuan .

In terms of motivation , The new AMG G 63 Keep carrying 4.0T V8 The engine . Some netizens asked before :G63 AMG Starting price energy ratio G500 It costs nearly a million ( Including price increase ), What's the difference ?

The most critical gap comes from the engine ,G63 AMG and G500 Although the same is true 4.0T Twin turbocharging V8 The engine . but G63 AMG After adjustment and modification by the Engineer , This engine has become its soul , Can explode 585 horsepower , as well as 850 Nm peak torque . As a reference ,G500 4.0T The maximum horsepower of the model is 421 horse , Peak torque is 610 Cattle meters . The transmission part , It matches AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9 Speed gearbox , 100 acceleration takes only a short time 4.5 second , Maximum speed reached 220 km / Hours . meanwhile ,G63 AMG It is also equipped with variable upgrades AMG High performance exhaust system .

Ignition V8 The rough sound of the engine , Your feeling of blood gushing is definitely aroused in a second , Besides, it's still AMG A tonal tone , The horn can be saved .

The second to prove his noble identity , It's a standard straight waterfall AMG CHINA OPEN 、 At the back of the car AMG and G63 identification , as well as 22 Inch AMG Cross spoke forged rim , Out gai It's enough “ Versailles ”.

At present, there are some media from 4S The store learned , The new AMG G 63 The minimum price increase is required to collect the car 40 ten thousand , Landing exceeds 300 ten thousand . This price , It's close to Bentley Tianyue V8 Landing price , Then I'll buy a higher level of Tianyue V8 Is it not fragrant ? From some point of view , Tian Yuehe AMG G63 Like two high-quality men with different personalities , The former is the most elegant city SUV, The latter is a gangster and unruly hard line SUV, It's really hard to choose . however , On brand height , That's Bentley , On comfort and ease of driving and handling , Also, Tian Yue wins ; What if I like off-road attributes ,G500 It's better than G63 More suitable for . Then buy G63 AMG People who , What do you value most ? Is there a car owner who can tell me ~

Last , Return to the civilian sphere , Unremitting pursuit of Mercedes Benz all his life G, But it can only be a dream after all ? Give yourself a little comfort , Let's recommend two today AMG G63 Let's replace everything !

Flat replacement model I : Mercedes G 350 The guided :142.98 Ten thousand yuan

G 350 It's been almost a year since it was listed , Say it is “ Parity substitution ”, It's really controversial . After all, people's starting prices are close 150 ten thousand , Now increase the price 20 All s , If all the arrangements are made, some cities can ensure that 200 All the . For those I have only 200 Over the budget , And want to drive a real big car G, Isn't it the most appropriate choice to get started ?

Many netizens make complaints about it. 2.0T The displacement , although 258 horsepower /370Nm Not very powerful , But there are 48V Addition of light mixing system , It's still beautiful to drive comfortably .G 350 It's a half castrated engine , The power and exhaust sound are almost interesting , But at least it's big G There is no discount on your aura . For buying G For people of class , Which ones are really considering comprehensive practicability ? Not all for this one “ Big luxury ” Can they join the car club , Expand contacts and resources ?

Flat replacement model II : tanks 300 The guided :19.58 ten thousand -22.00 Ten thousand yuan

I just want to put “ The light of domestic goods ” On the public screen , I'm sure you won't have an opinion ! tanks 300 At home, it has become a scarce resource , Its whole market concept and Mercedes Benz G Level height overlap . Exterior and interior , It has many advantages G Elements , For example, horizontal and vertical “ Square box ” modelling , Round LED Headlights, etc . As a hardline SUV , It uses a belt “ girder ” Non load carrying body structure , The top model has three mechanical differential locks at the front, middle and rear , And time-sharing 4WD , The original factory can meet the requirements of medium off-road . Independently developed by Great Wall 2.0T The engine +ZF 8AT transmission , The combination is smooth and explosive , It's very easy to walk and stop in the city . Overall style , Are big G The all-round performance of being able to write and fight .

If you think tanks 300 Not high-profile enough , Cyberversion pricing has been released :30.8 Ten thousand yuan , Now it's open for pre-sale , Delivery is expected in the fourth quarter of this year . Look at the real picture , I don't think so G63 AMG Does that smell ? A silver body coating effect , Never lose a lot G!

At the end

About Mercedes Benz G Price increase at level , Make complaints about the Internet. , Most people think Mercedes Benz G It's not worth the price . However ,4S The store sales had such a reply :“ Buy Benz G Our guests , Never ask the price , Just ask if there is a car available . Asking price , Not to buy Mercedes Benz G Of .”

This is probably what the saying goes : Zhou Yu beat Huang gai , One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer . Now? , When it is impossible to control the price increase ,G63 AMG Also raise prices . For this matter , What do you think ?

If you give your 300 ten thousand , Would you choose a Mercedes Benz with a higher price G63 AMG, Bentley Tim Yue V8 Well ? You think tanks 300 Is it a Mercedes Benz G Of “ Leveling ”? Leave a message to discuss !

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