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Lx600 didn't wait for the new Lexus lx500 real car to debut, chassis upgrade and bid farewell to V8

2021-08-27 09:54:16 Oriental Information automobile

In the Lexus family , new lexus LX The series has been it SUV Of “ The ceiling ”, This series of models are deeply sought after by fans , It has been in short supply in the car market , It is the classic flagship of leiche family . Now , luxury SUV The market is so hot , Lexus, which always goes its own way, can't sit still , Continuously accelerate the promotion of new cars , Enter the high-end market with a new attitude SUV market , After all BBA It has become very popular in this market , No matter how Lexus thinks about itself , And unwilling to give up the existing market opportunities . since this year on , New Lexus LX600 The news of the listing was repeated , but LX600 I didn't wait to come , New Lexus LX500 The real car appeared in Japan , It is expected to be officially listed around the middle of next year . Since it is entering the high-end market , Want to be in BMW X7、 audi Q8 What in the middle is a blood path , Lexus also needs to work hard . This time, , Lexus does incorporate many new elements in its design .

Even though , The front face of the new car is also a spindle design , But the look is better than the old one LX570 More exaggerated , and , Both sides are equipped with a new style LED headlight , The fog lamp in the lower part of the front face has a unique and fashionable shape , Make the whole front face look younger , Than cash Lexus LX570 It looks very foreign . But the style of hardline cross-country has not changed , The side lines are hard , The rear through tail lamp is a highlight , It complements the fashion of the front face , The logo is partially recessed , It looks very fashionable .

The interior changes are also LX500 What's unique about , It's different from the old traditional luxury , New Lexus LX500 The interior style is mainly scientific and technological , White trim strips are also added in the car , It reveals a sense of fashion in luxury . The center console adopts a fashionable asymmetric interior layout , The traditional three width steering wheel is adjusted again , LCD screen + The large central control screen can realize intelligent interaction , and , The gear handle has also been changed to a new style .

however , On the hardware that fans care about , This new generation LX500 Very advanced , On the power , The new car will carry 3.5T V6 Twin turbocharged engines +10AT transmission , Its maximum horsepower is 415Ps, The maximum torque is 650N·m. It is worth mentioning that , The chassis of the new car is improved compared with the old model , Like the new Toyota Land tour, the new car comes from TNGA-F Platform to build , Further optimize the chassis structure , The whole car is lightweight , It feels more awesome to open up .

Ghost car view : In the face of market opportunities , It's hard for anyone to Buddhism , Lexus has never been with BBA Do face-to-face hard work , But the luxury car market is booming , Leiche family is no longer reserved , From entry level to top level , New models are constantly exposed , This new Lexus LX500 It's amazing . I just don't know the price ? Ghost brother will continue to pay attention to , that , I've seen this new car , Are the fans moved ? Leave a message for brother ghost .

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