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EULA cherry cat has no exposure of fake real car spy photos, follows the wey design language, and has a range of 600km

2021-08-27 09:54:34 Oriental Information automobile

as everyone knows , At present, Euler brand does not SUV, And as the brand's first SUV models , The official name is “ Cherry cat ”. In the recent , We obtained a group of real spy photos of the vehicle without camouflage from relevant channels . It is reported that , The car will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Chengdu auto show this year . You can see from the picture , The whole shape of the new car is the same as what appeared at the Shanghai auto show EULA is very similar to the big cat , Its whole design is undoubtedly stronger than the models under the current Euler brand . But careful friends must have found , The shape of the new car is almost WEY Replica of vehicle model , The difference is that it uses a fully enclosed front grille , Of course, this is also in line with the identity of its pure electric vehicle .

As for the side and rear , They are basically concise , This is in line with the style of a pure electric vehicle . And the same as the front face , The rear shape of the new car also has a very strong WEY Family style .

As for the interior, the biggest highlight is that it is different from the traditional all LCD instrument and the large-size central control screen , And rice / Black matching design , It also gives the whole interior a sense of hierarchy . In addition, it can be seen from a detailed drawing , The new car will also be equipped with front row mobile phone wireless charging function , And there are some physical buttons on the back , I guess it should be multimedia control buttons .

motivation , According to previous news , The new car will have two power versions of 2WD and 4WD , The zero hundred acceleration time of the 4WD version can be in 5 Seconds . Besides , The car is also Euler's first model equipped with cobalt free lithium battery , As for the endurance version we are concerned about , The endurance capability of the long endurance version may reach 600km.

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