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In the green shade and bamboo, the new gucite will enjoy the beauty of midsummer

2021-08-27 09:55:47 Oriental Information automobile

Among the green trees and bamboos The new gooster will enjoy the beauty of midsummer

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8 month 20 Japan , Rolls Royce ( Hangzhou ) Yu Fayun · In the Fayun house of aman Hotel, a dinner party for customers of Wulin No. 1 Flash space was held , Fayun aman is located in the west of the West Lake , In a quiet valley . The winding path leads to a secluded quiet place , Small stone paving , In the shade 、 Surrounded by green bamboo .

Rolls Royce's new gooster adheres to “ With an agreement ” Design concept of , Integrate the essence of the brand and simplicity perfectly , In addition to the design of the celebration goddess and Rolls Royce's customized umbrella , Whether it's vehicle design or production process , New and sophisticated , Fully meet the demands of every gust customer . Its coming out , It will also continue to write Rolls Royce brand again 116 The glorious chapter of the most successful model in the history of .

The gust extended version was born based on the luxury architecture of Rolls Royce , Uphold right “ The way of silence ” The ultimate pursuit of , The aluminum body space structure exclusive to Rolls Royce is adopted , Matching thoughtful sound insulation covering the whole body , Bring excellent sound insulation performance to users . Besides , The car is equipped with a leading suspension system , The suspension system incorporates continuously variable transmission electronically controlled shock absorbers 、 Leading technologies such as automatic leveling of large capacity air shock absorber strut assembly and upper fork arm shock absorber unit , It aims to sublimate Rolls Royce's iconic magic carpet driving experience again .

meanwhile , Rolls Royce · Hangzhou Wulin No. 1 Flash space will continue until 8 month 31 Japan . in the meantime , Visiting customers can come to the scene and feel the essence of advanced customization .

Rolls Royce · Hangzhou , Wulin No. 1 address : Hangzhou Wulin No. 1 office building A Lobby on the first floor of block ( Hushu South Road, Wulin business district, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province 66-1 Number )

Open time :2021 year 8 month 1 Japan -8 month 31 Japan

source : Hangzhou net

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