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"Armored warrior"? New 700 real tank, off-road appearance + 3.0T power

2021-08-27 09:56:02 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Xiaobian has obtained a brand new through certain channels tanks 700 Real car map , The exterior design of the car is like “ Armor Warriors ”, Also carry the 3.0T power , Both strength and appearance .

First, let's look at the front face , The machine grille adopts split design , The horizontal grid style is very strong on the line , Bless the strong silver chrome trim , More powerful . The interior of the bilateral headlamp group with rectangular design adopts circular lamp block design , Clearly visible . The three-stage lower surround is full of mechanical feeling , The shape of fog lamp is exquisite and lovely .

The body side adopts rich waist line design , The blackened part of the side skirt makes the chassis lighter , The black wheel hub is full of tension , With thick tires , Full of power . The black window line is also the embodiment of detail refinement .

The external tire at the rear increases the cover , The two-color paint is visually beautiful . The shape of the tail lamp group is very three-dimensional , The two-color design also has a good effect when the light is turned on .

The interior has a sense of luxury and luxury , The barrel type instrument panel is full of mechanical feeling , The suspended central control screen increases the size , The exquisite shift lever feels good , Soft seats are very comfortable .

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