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Jingpo Town, Rucheng County: implementing awards for excellent students and promoting talent revitalization

2021-08-27 09:56:20 Red Net

Longhu Yao village, Jingpo Town, Rucheng County held a commendation meeting for this year's outstanding students , Inspire them to continue their efforts 、 Success in learning 、 Give back to your hometown .

Red net time correspondent   Deng Shengxiang Luo Xiaodeng Zhuang Pu Chenzhou Report

“ I'm very happy today , The village values us so much , Give us rewards and help . After success in school , We will be grateful to our motherland 、 Thanksgiving hometown 、 Thank your parents ......” recently , Longhu Yao village, Jingpo Town, Rucheng County surrounded by green mountains and green water , A warm and inspirational activity of awarding excellent students was carried out in the village conference room , Deng Yangling, a graduate student of oujiashan group this year, wears a big Safflower on her chest , Said excitedly .

Good wind makes great achievements , Green mountains and green waters with a smile . Rural cadres and working teams in Longhu village “ Three teams ” Under the careful preparation of , Before the students go to their new schools , The village 2021 The annual commendation meeting for outstanding students was held . The city sent a Rural Revitalization task force 、 Town and village leaders 、 The two committees of the village branch , And this year 20 A middle school undergraduate in the county 、 Graduate students, students admitted to colleges and universities and parents' representatives , Get together , Talk freely .

Longhu village was admitted to the No. 1 Middle School of the county this year 、 Excellent graduate students , have a joyous gathering , Speak freely , Encourage each other .

Small meeting room , Warm feelings surge . The symposium commended, rewarded and placed high hopes on excellent students , A large number of students are the protagonists on the spot , Speak freely and share their learning experience and future dreams . Although at different stages of study , They communicate without obstacles , The low school section said that we should take the students around us as an example , to strive for progress with determination , Realize your dream in the future “ Ivory tower ”. The seniors are earnest and encourage them to set their goals and not relax , Continue to strive to achieve good results . At that time , The room is full of family affection , happy , Full of laughter , It's also inspiring and educational .

“ A strong youth makes a strong village , Youth wisdom is village wisdom .” Zhu Xinbo, Secretary of Longhu village branch, said , The future development blueprint of the village has been drawn , It takes young people to do it from generation to generation , Generation after generation to create ,“ No matter when , The village will always be the strong backing and eternal home for young people to study and start a business .” The village will also set up “ Rural Revitalization Promotion Association ”, Serve and reward excellent students 、 Care for the elderly 、 Industrial Development 、 Help low-income people increase their income and other aspects .

Longhu Village 20 An excellent student with the love of his parents in his hometown , Take a group photo , Gather new forces and hopes for Rural Revitalization .

“ Rural revitalization , The core lies in talent revitalization ; Talent revitalization , The key lies in the development of Education ”. Chen Guijuan, Secretary of Jingpo town Party committee, introduced , The town earnestly implements “ One pole six ” strategic , Always pay attention to the construction of talent team , Not only in Longhu village , Other villages also raised funds by themselves 、 donation 、 Mutual assistance and other ways , Raise incentive funds , Actively hold scholarship activities , The award encourages outstanding students to study hard 、 Success in learning , With strong nostalgia and love , Drive and attract more outstanding young people to feed their hometown 、 Build your hometown , Promote the whole town to take the road of Rural Revitalization .

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