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Impotence caused by prostatitis? It's mostly heart disease

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Many patients with chronic prostatitis are finding themselves “ That won't be possible ” after , He immediately concluded that he was suffering from impotence ( Commonly known as erectile dysfunction , abbreviation ED), Because under the publicity of some small advertisements , Many people have this idea : Prostatitis can cause impotence . Is it true ?

I thought I had impotence , single 20 many years

Professor Wang Rui of Urology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University once received a 46 Year old patient —— Mr. Xu from Nanyang, Henan . Mr. Xu 20 I feel burning when I urinate in my twenties 、 A dull pain in the small stomach , Go to the local hospital to test prostate fluid , The results showed that leukocytes had “+”, The doctor said it was prostatitis , From then on, he began a long treatment , Intermittently treated 20 many years .

What makes him more painful is , Before suffering from prostatitis , His erection function is normal , Since the diagnosis , Erection gets worse , He said “ It's impotence , Interest in women is also slowly decreasing ”. And because of myself “ In that respect ” no way , He felt he couldn't miss the woman , I've been single .

Many prostate patients have heart disease

Prostatitis is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly people . in fact , Prostatitis and ED There is no direct connection . Physiologically , Male erection and anatomical structure of penis 、 nerve 、 Blood vessels and endocrine are closely related , Prostatitis does not affect the above factors .

that , Why are many patients with prostatitis and ED At the same time ? Professor Wang Rui once made statistics on outpatients with chronic prostatitis , It was found that about half of the patients complained of varying degrees of sexual dysfunction . in fact , Many patients with chronic prostatitis have ED Symptoms are caused by mental factors . Patients with chronic prostatitis often have urgent urination 、 Frequent micturition 、 Pain and other symptoms during ejaculation , These symptoms will make patients have certain psychological pressure , Plus some lack of human knowledge , worry “ A tough guy ” Image damage , Further exacerbated anxiety . in the course of time , Lead to decreased sexual desire 、 Sexual dysfunction , Even suffer from ED.

Psychological ED The majority of patients

Patients with chronic prostatitis suffer from... Due to mental factors ED, It's a typical psychological ED. According to the cause ,ED Divided into psychological 、 Organic and mixed . Psychological ED The main “ Perpetrators ” Is the spirit 、 psychological factor , The function of the patient's penis itself is OK ; Organic ED The chief culprit of is all kinds of organic diseases ; And mixed ED It is the interweaving of psychological and spiritual factors and organic causes .

In patients with erectile dysfunction , Psychological ED The majority of patients . Yuan Yiming, chief physician of the andrology Department of the first hospital of Peking University, said , Generally speaking , introversion 、 Low self-esteem 、 Men with poor psychological tolerance are more likely to have psychological sexual dysfunction .

Heart disease can't be treated only with medicine

Zhang Yan, chief physician of infertility and sexual medicine department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, pointed out , For psychological ED, Often you can't just pass “ Counseling ” Of “ Talk ” To solve , Instead, we should use drugs comprehensively 、 Behavior 、 Multi pronged approaches such as analysis of bilateral relations , Achieve the purpose of healing .

Relative organic ED Come on , Psychological ED Better treatment . at present , Internationally recognized treatment ED The first line is oral PDE-5 Inhibitor drugs , Its impact on most psychological 、 Organic or mixed ED Both have good effects , Like ginger , Take one tablet orally an hour before sex . at present , Kingo is the most cost-effective in the market 、 Domestic products with high market share PDE-5 Inhibitor drugs , Can bring great confidence to men .

It should be noted that , If psychological ED Long-term lack of attention and treatment , Long term anxiety 、 Mental stress such as tension may cause abnormalities in the endocrine system , Cause male gonadal secretion dysfunction , Psychological ED It may move towards organic ED The direction of evolution , Make the disease worse , The difficulty of treatment increases .( writing / Yang Bei

Q & A

ask : After I served Kingo , I feel that the speed of action is sometimes not so satisfactory , Why is that ?

answer : The reason might be :

1. Lack of sexual stimulation after taking medicine , Or sexual stimulation is not enough . After taking gingko, you must cooperate with sexual stimulation to activate the efficacy , There is no effect without sexual stimulation .

2. Drinking wine or eating too many high-fat foods before and after taking Jinge . Jinge is suitable for taking on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal , Alcohol or high-fat food will affect the absorption of main components of Kingo , Delay its effect .

3. The efficacy varies from person to person . Everyone has a different constitution , Even taking the same drug , The reaction to it may also be different ; Same thing , Some people take gingko , Naturally, there are also differences in the effect of helping budding .

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