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Based on m3x Mars architecture pro, Xingtu Lingyun 400t was launched on the 27th

2021-08-27 10:27:28 Vehicle vision technology

recently , Cheshijie technology learned from Xingtu , Lingyun under Xingtu banner 400T The model will be in 8 month 27 Official listing . at present , The new car has been pre sold , Interval is 15.90-17.99 Ten thousand yuan . New car based M3X Mars Architecture PRO make , The new car is also one of the first models after the upgrading of the architecture , Will pick up 2.0TGDI The engine .

aesthetic , The stars are flying in the clouds 400T The design of continues its 1.6T models , It adopts the design of integrated large-size air inlet grille , And with the LED The daytime running lights are connected as a whole , Increase brand recognition . The new headlight set is penetrated by a black highlight trim strip , Stretch the visual width of the front , Make the front look more stable , The atmosphere .

Body size , The stars are flying in the clouds 400T The length, width and height are respectively 4780/1885/1730mm, The wheelbase is 2800mm, Locate medium and large five seats SUV. In terms of shape , The side of the new car looks quite smooth , And with some cross-border SUV attribute , The tail wing is also designed at the rear of the car . in addition , The new car adopts the design of Black Multi spoke rim and has a certain sense of art , It adds a sense of hierarchy on the side .

interiors , The new car adopts the latest generation of Chery family design , Integrated screen + The design of air conditioning operation panel has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . in addition , The interior design of the new car is mainly black , It is decorated with bright silver chrome , Create a sense of hierarchy .

motivation , The new car is equipped with the latest generation 2.0TGDI The engine , The most powerful 192kW, Maximum torque 400Nm. The transmission part , And 2.0TGDI The engine matches 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . in addition , The new car will have a four-wheel drive system .

It is expected that the star path will be cloudy 400T Will be in 8 month 27 It was released in the online situation on the th , And the price is expected to be further reduced on the basis of the pre-sale range .

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