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Wey Macchiato demonstrates the innovative strength of a new generation of intelligent hybrid

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In recent days, ,WEY The brand was successfully launched in Beijing “ Mary, open it all Fun is boundless ”—— Macchiato national media test drive . The event brought together media from all over the country 、 Potential users and dealer friends , They have different identities 、 Different perspectives and different life scenes , Through the innovative test drive form of multi circle integration , avatar “ Bole ”, Witness together A new generation of intelligent hybrid SUV—— Macchiatto Innovative product strength .


Great Wall group independently designed 、 Completely independent research and development of intelligent hybrid DHT First in Macchiato , adopt First two gears DHT Hybrid architecture , With the strength of breaking Japanese technical barriers , Create a precedent for high-end hybrid technology in China . And with intelligent hybrid DHT High efficiency hybrid engine and dual motor hybrid system cooperate with each other , Macchiato is in the city 、 Suburb 、 Mountain roads and other multidimensional traffic conditions have also reached “ Full speed range & The whole scene ” The efficiency of is the best , Bring fast... To users 、 along 、 static 、 Save driving experience , To be worthy of the name “ Thousand Lima ”. This thousand Lima Run fast 、 Run far 、 There is spirituality 、 Hypermorphic , Become the perfect car for young users in the new travel era .

Run fast : First two gears DHT Hybrid architecture 4.1 Seconds to complete 0-60km/h Speed up

Have a thousand Lima , It always makes you “ fast ” One step at a time . Macchiato runs fast , From the “1.5L+DHT” powertrain , The total power of the system is up to 140kw, Total torque 370N·m,0-60km/h The acceleration time only needs 4.1 second , Outstanding power performance , Comparable 2.0T The engine .

Macchiato starts and cruises at low speed , Directly driven by motor , Fast response ; In urban driving and elevated sections , When there is a need to overtake , The motor will intervene instantaneously , Achieve instant acceleration ; When driving on the motorway , Engine economy direct drive , The drive motor is ready to intervene at any time , Ensure rapid power response ; And accelerating at full throttle 、 Climbing and other high load conditions , Engine power gear direct drive , At the same time, cooperate with high-power motor , Achieve maximum power output .

More Than This , Macchiato is starting 、 Low speed cruise 、 In the whole scene of urban roads and elevated sections , With the world's first two gears DHT Power architecture , And the leading DHT Multimode intelligent switching , With fast 、 Smooth shift operation , Respond to different road conditions in the most appropriate way , Bring users a smooth driving experience .

Run far : The maximum reduction in fuel consumption compared with fuel vehicles under multiple scenarios 50% 1100km Endurance is easy to handle

Qianlima is not famous , Help you cross thousands of rivers and mountains with super long endurance . Macchiato ran far , From intelligent hybrid DHT Powerful fuel saving ability of Technology , rely on Pure electric drive has high scene coverage , High fuel economy Equal advantage , Let it Has a peer leading 4.7L/100km Comprehensive fuel consumption , as well as 1100km Long life , Let the younger generation travel without anxiety .

It's worth mentioning , This test drive activity , There are media teachers in the whole car 3 In the case of an adult , We got it 3.4L/100km Ultra low fuel consumption , Once again confirmed the intelligent hybrid DHT High efficiency and oil saving of technology .

In the traffic jam , Intelligent hybrid DHT Will use electric drive series drive mode , Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the fuel saving rate can reach 50%; When driving on the motorway , The engine will be driven directly by economic gear , While ensuring the dynamic response of the vehicle , The fuel consumption is lower than that in series mode 15%; And accelerating at full throttle 、 Climbing and other high load conditions , The engine adopts power gear direct drive , At the same time, cooperate with high-power motor , The power reaches its peak , At this time, the fuel consumption can be reduced compared with the series mode 25%.

Based on intelligent hybrid system DHT The inherent advantage of high coverage of electric drive technology , Plus Intelligent switching of driving mode 、 good NVH Noise reduction technologies such as performance adjustment , Macchiato has an industry-leading Quiet and comfortable driving experience , Isolate the restlessness of the outside world .

There is spirituality : Equipped with the world's leading Qualcomm 8155 chip AI The computing performance is higher than that of the car machine on the market 7-8 times

Qianlima can always make you feel close 、 Security 、 Reliable travel care . Macchiato is spiritual , Creative power from coffee intelligence . Macchiato blessings The world's leading vehicle specification Qualcomm 8155 The flagship platform of the third generation automotive digital cockpit , With Higher than the computing power of market models 3 times 、AI Operational performance 7-8 Times the absolute advantage , And up to 27 Intelligent driving assistance configuration for item , Bring understanding to users 、 Intelligent driving service that knows human feelings .

In specific usage scenarios , Like being in a small parking space , User pass Remote parking Remote control of vehicle parking 、 Lock the car, etc . Facing the parking space in a strange environment , You can also use Integrated parking Realize the automatic parking of the vehicle , Safe and efficient . And when you stumble into a narrow road like Beijing Hutong or encounter obstacles , Use Track and reverse function , The vehicle will automatically control the vehicle to return according to the travel path 50 rice , Avoid the risk of collision when reversing manually .

Macchiato tracking and reversing function

stay “ A new generation of smart cars ” Driven by the new technological revolution , Macchiato shows the strength of industry-leading Intelligent Technology .AI Intelligent face recognition The moment the car owner steps into the cockpit , You can identify yourself in seconds , And quickly remove the seat in the car 、 The configuration of rear-view mirror is converted to the preset setting of the owner .

A growing intelligent voice system Be able to learn the owner's personality 、 characteristic , Be familiar with the way of communication with the driver , And provide active interaction according to the scene .

The world's first G Block the smart space With two scenes of meditation space and game mode , Move the vibrant and colorful urban life into the car . in the future , Also can pass the A growing game environment and multiple modes , introduce K Song room 、 More customizable games such as chess and card room , Play with young users .

Based on industry-leading coffee intelligence , From a human point of view , Make the car warmer 、 More emotional , help WEY Brand brings the best technological innovation 、 Product change and brand upgrading bring users , With all-round intelligent experience and efficient service , Create a new generation of intelligent vehicles .

Hypermorphic : Pioneer tension aesthetic design Play young 、 Smart and luxurious

Qianlima not only has the strength to burst the watch , Also has an unforgettable appearance . Macchiato is handsome , Is to fight with the young generation of China 、 High resonance of bravery and enterprising , To meet their aesthetic preferences Pioneer tension aesthetics , Perform the ultimate young style .

Whether it's a claw matrix headlamp 、 Sharp folding feather grille , Or the undulating front cover line 、 Flying dive waist line 、 Tail feather type vertical tail lamp , All with lightweight 、 The dynamic 、 dexterous 、 Unrestrained visual presentation .

And “ Pioneer tension ” The design complements each other , Machidor interior through simple cutting-edge technology Aesthetics , The cabin is made of soft bag + Double blessing of intelligent technology configuration , Present a concise 、 Technological Ring wing smart cockpit , It renders an atmosphere of lightness, flexibility and youth .

Besides , By The largest in the same class 14.6 Inch full-color suspended intelligent control large screen W-HUD Looked up and show , as well as AI Intelligent face recognition And Scalable voice system A new immersive intelligent technology cockpit , Highlight the beauty of high-end simplicity , Sense of future technology , Help users easily cross multiple scenes .

Explore the culture of young groups Interpretation of cross circle diversified marketing

As a new generation of intelligent hybrid for the new generation SUV, Macchiato national media test drive Dare to break the circle 、 Integrate multiculturalism , Highlight the creative and cool elements of the new generation .

This test drive activity passed the fun PK The form of the game , And photography 、 Cross circle cultural integration in beauty and other fields , Actively integrate into young groups , Realize the cultural resonance with the new generation of urban youth .

in addition , Macchiato is still actively exploring the dimensional culture of young people . In the near future , Macchiato shook in City Happy life festival , Complete the first unpacking ,C Debut . And in the 2021 ChinaJoy The scene , Macchiato will also fully integrate with the e-sports competition , Support the young blood journey with fashion vitality . future , Macchiato will continue to add “ m ” force , To diversify 、 More initiatives across circles , Play with young users .

Macchiato is on the market , China hybrid SUV The market is about to reshuffle , Coming soon .

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