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98300 "detonated" Chengdu GAC motor shadow leopard were officially listed in Chengdu

2021-08-27 10:51:07 Yiche original

8 month 22 Friday night , Gac and kei GPMA The first car of the platform, GAC motor shadow leopard, was officially listed in Chengdu . The price is 9.83 ten thousand -12.8 Ten thousand yuan . Full system carrying 1.5T The engine , Have 6.95s 100% acceleration capability .

The listing Party of the shadow leopard was held in Hepburn bar, which has the characteristics of Chengdu nightlife and conforms to the trend and sports temperament of the shadow leopard . In addition to the performance and KOL Beyond sharing , At the same time, a delivery ceremony was prepared for the first batch of car owners .

The guidance price of the whole series of Yingbao was announced on the spot : Shadow leopard 270T J10 Flying man version 9.83 Ten thousand yuan 、270T J11 edition 10.8 Ten thousand yuan 、270T J15 edition 11.8 Ten thousand yuan 、270T J16 edition 12.8 Ten thousand yuan . At the same time, the listing policy of Yingbao was announced on the spot .

In terms of sales policy , Shadow leopard retains the highly praised in the pre-sale stage “ Trumpchi Zhixuan ” Car purchase scheme , Try Before You Buy 、 Experience consumption 、 Change if you're upset ; Super 0 A down payment , Supreme 7000 Yuan financial discount ; Supreme 5000 Yuan replacement subsidy ; The basic flow of vehicle engine system is free for life , Every month 4 individual G Of 3 Annual free entertainment traffic .

As GAC GPMA The first car on the platform , The appearance design and power performance of shadow leopard are its biggest highlights .

The appearance of shadow leopard is based on trumpchi family language “ Ling Yunyi ” Evolved , At the same time, it draws lessons from trumpchi NO.146 Low drag design of concept car , Make it have 0.26cd Low wind resistance , On the whole, compared with the previous car models of GAC motor, it is more radical .

The front face of the fighter is decorated on both sides of the China open, which is similar to the air inlet of the fighter , With contrast trim , Full of visual impact .

The overall design of the rear has a strong sense of streamline , And the design of every detail is just right , Blackened tail lights Rear diffuser as well as There are four sides in high configuration models Design of exhaust, etc , They all firmly grasp the preferences of young people .

It is worth mentioning that this set of exhaust is still a sports exhaust with valves , When the driver wants to activate the sound wave , You can directly open the exhaust valve at any time through the keys on the steering wheel .

Low lying body with short front suspension 、 Short rear suspension design , Low and slender body with sliding back modeling design , The sense of movement is in place .

The length, width and height of the shadow leopard are 4700/1850/1432mm Body size , The wheelbase is 2736mm. While being handsome, you can also take into account your daily household .

The interior of the shadow leopard uses a simpler design to highlight a more pure fighting style , Large area soft material and leather material splicing , Vision and touch are excellent , And provide all black 、 Black, red and black yellow interior colors , Cooperate with carbon fiber trim panel to further enhance the fighting atmosphere .

The steering wheel of shadow leopard adopts flat bottom design ,3 Point and 9 The point grip also has a perforated design , Breathable and not slippery .12 There is also an eye-catching yellow correction sign at the point , This is also the design that most performance vehicles will have , Further highlight its motion positioning .

Shadow leopard provides sports seats , In addition to providing good support in more intense driving , It can also provide better comfort in daily driving .

It also launched a unique panoramic sky curtain at the same level , Although it takes 3000 Yuan option , But the actual interior effect is still very cool .

Equipped with... On the top model 10.25 Inch duplex screen , The instrument cluster displays rich information , Support online navigation and application expansion . Another thing worth mentioning , Switch to Sport+ Pattern when , The dashboard will also become more sporty , The central control screen will also display the turbine pressure 、 Transmission oil temperature 、 Intake air temperature and other data , So that the driver can clearly understand the vehicle status at this time , It's like entering “ Combat mode ”.

Shadow leopard is equipped with the latest ADiGO Intelligent interactive vehicle machine system , Supplemented by interconnection and AI function , In addition to the mainstream internet entertainment functions, it can also realize L2 Level driving assistance and the function of actively serving the driver in multiple scenarios .

With enough sporty and personalized appearance and interior , Then you must need the power to match it . Shadow leopard is equipped with the third generation of new JuLang power 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 130kW, Maximum torque 270N.m. Match brand new 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , official 0-100km/h The acceleration score is 7.0 second .

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The price is 10 About 10000 GAC motor shadow leopard , In the original state, there are very moving internal and external design and configuration , It can not only save a large amount of cost of later modification, but also get on the road legally . Its excellent original performance is enough to meet the power needs of most consumers . I believe it can attract many young consumer groups with performance car dreams but limited budget . Interested friends can go everywhere 4S Store test drive experience .

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