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Hyundai fista sells only 230 vehicles a month! At the beginning of benchmarking civic, now even Rongwei I6 can't beat it

2021-08-27 11:20:55 Oriental Information automobile

The Federation announced 7 List of car sales in January , Hyundai festa only sold 230 Vehicles , Some people say , How can I see that the sales volume is more than 1000 , That's because there are two ways to calculate sales , Some calculate retail sales , Some calculate the wholesale volume . The data of the passenger association is more accurate .

When Hyundai fista first went on the market , aggressive , Is to run to the Civic , This car is equipped with 1.4T、1.6T High and low power engine , Price range: 11.98-15.48 Ten thousand yuan , The acceleration time of the top version from zero to 100 kilometers only needs 7.6 second , The fastest zero hundred acceleration measured 6.78 second , All this is running for the Civic . But now , The sales volume of both can be described as ice and fire , Civic sold last month 7836 car , And festa doesn't even have a fraction of it . Even the old Roewe i6, Sales are higher than it . Why is fistar's sales so poor ?

1、 The impact of the China Insurance and Research Institute incident

The sales volume of festa was also quite good when it was just launched , stay 2019 The annual cumulative sales volume reaches 9.5 Thousands of cars , Got the highest score in a single month 1.3 More than ten thousand , Once it had the momentum to compete with Civic , But after China Insurance Research Institute tested fista , The situation took a sharp turn , In the test , Festa's A The column is bent , Broken into a triangle , Just like Passat , Affected by this , Festa's sales began to decline ,2020 There are only... Years left 2.8 More than ten thousand , The average single month is only 2300 More than one .

2、 Detail product force problem

Although festa accelerates fast , The shape is also sporty , But in some detail , Make complaints about the owners. , For example, although the power is strong , However, the problem of turbine hysteresis is obvious , Double clutch gearbox also has obvious low-speed setback problem . Poor sound insulation , The top of the trunk is completely bare metal , The tire noise is large . The front and rear beams are foam. , There are many hard plastics in the interior , Lack of texture, etc . It's all about festa , Although Civic is not perfect in product power , But the brand appeal of the two is not on the same level .

3、 Product formation internal friction

Where's festa 10-20 Within the price range of 10000 , Elantra 、 Mr Starr 、 Name map 、 Sonata four Sedans , Among them, although festa is positioned as a sports compact car , But because of the price range and the name chart 、 Elantra overlap , The name map positioning is A+ Levels of car , Or say B Levels of car , Higher level , While Elantra is positioned as a compact car , Slightly lower than fista , But the price is cheaper , Design younger Sports , The interior also has a more sense of design , Festa has little advantage .

Modern festa , It was once considered to be a model that can benchmark the Civic , Whether it's acceleration , Or design , All let the Chinese people shine in front of them , But because of the internal friction in product planning of Hyundai Group , Plus festa's own security 、 Weaknesses in product details , That caused festa to fall behind , Gradually marginalize . Festa's problem , It is also the epitome of the current situation of modern automobile , Korean cars do not lack technology , What is missing is the optimization in some details , And polishing in products , Improvement in product sequence , To reverse the sales of Korean cars , Then you must work harder than your opponent , Come up with more sincere works , Because Korean cars have lost the room to bargain in the domestic market .

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