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Newly upgraded "mecha style", the new Changan uni-t is coming

2021-08-27 11:49:44 Oriental Information automobile

new changan UNI-T expect 8 month 25 Officially listed . The biggest highlight of the new car is the integration of mecha elements , At the same time, it is equipped with super sensitive and refined sports , And the unbounded grid introduces the original “ A clover ” Concealed grille lamp , At the same time, I changed my clothes 20 Inch flexible double five wheel hub .

aesthetic , The new UNI-T The body is equipped with super refined sports , Chrome plated trim around as a delicate ornament , To add visual fashion and cool flavor . Split LED The headlamp front is integrated with the borderless grille , The grille has a built-in original “ A clover ” Concealed grille lamp , The two together constitute the identification elements of the lighting system , Full of sense of technology .

The new car has been refitted 20 Inch flexible double five wheel hub . The large wheel hub fills the entire wheel arch area , And the new wheel hub is painted in two colors 、 Thinner spokes , Matte grey banners radiate outward , It contains mecha combat power , The highlighted part has strong visual expansion , It's a real eye opener .

Color matching , New Changan UNI-T It also offers a new green body color .

interiors , New Changan UNI-T The central control surface adopts the cross drawing panel emphasizing the texture of metal layer , And black ( With orange suture ) Match with light grey interior , Make the center console more layered , Create a full sense of design beauty , Two pieces of 12.3 In screen , Not only the size increases , The information display is also richer . The chair surface uses a scientific and technological perforated pattern , Suede like leather is also used in the head restraint and leg support , The effect similar to anti fur can create a better touch , Showing high-end quality . meanwhile ,A The camera arranged in the column takes into account FACE ID The function of , It connects with the super account , You can brush your face , Directly open the preset preferences , Truly accomplish “ One person, one mecha ”.

motivation , Is still 1.5T Blue whale power , Equipped with industry-leading 350bar High pressure fuel injection system 、 Double vortex tube 、 Water cooled intercooler and other advanced technologies , There has been a certain improvement in power adjustment , The maximum power has come 138kW(188Ps), The peak torque is maintained at 300N·m, But its speed range is wider than before , from 1500rpm It can last until 4000rpm. The transmission is matched with a 7 Quick wet double clutch , The feeling of power transmission will be more direct . The new generation of blue whales NE 1.5T Engine with blue whale 7 speed DCT Double clutch gearbox , Constitute a new Chang'an UNI-T High efficiency powertrain . On a technical level , This new generation of blue whale NE 1.5T The engine uses many mainstream equipment , such as 350Bar High pressure direct injection 、 Dual outlet integrated exhaust manifold 、 Central intake air cooling system 、 Intelligent camshaft phase adjustment motor 、 Double vortex tube electronic control turbocharger, etc . Especially the electronic turbocharger , Its 0.05 The second throttle response greatly improves the low torque output , You can keep it smooth from the start , Let the new Changan UNI-T Truly sporty SUV The positioning of .

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