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The 2020 Lingke 06 real shot has a grand appearance and luxurious interior, which is no worse than the joint venture brand

2021-08-27 11:54:46 Oriental Information automobile

At the request of fans , Recently, we went to Nanyang, Henan Province to explore the Museum , The purpose is also very pure , I just want to know the market situation of some local auto brands , As we all know, many models have started promotional activities in order to impact sales , After all, the competitive pressure in the automobile market is still great , The most interesting model of the day is Led the g 06, The local preference for this model is as high as 0.5 Ten thousand yuan , The price of naked cars in the market also fell to 11.36 Ten thousand yuan , We also took the opportunity to shoot a group 2020 Style link 06 Real vehicle diagram of , Next, let's take a look at the performance of this car .

aesthetic ,2020 Style link 06 The shape is very atmospheric , With a sedan SUV The design of the , dynamic . Front part , A banner design is adopted , With the neckline family style color trim throughout , Has a good appearance performance . The headlights on both sides have unique design , The internal light source uses two LED Design of lamp strip , With good recognition . Air inlet section , A banner design is adopted , With a more dynamic design .

The body side , The design of waistline is more prominent , So that the huge body is not bloated . Window part , It also uses the decoration of color decorative strip , Extend backward , It has a good movement posture . Wheel hub part , It adopts a unique multi frame design , The interior color coating has an aging design .

Tail shape , The whole is more generous . The tail light part adopts the lattice design of Lingke family , The overall recognition is stronger . Exhaust layout , The layout design of two sides and two outlets is adopted .

The interior , Suspended central control 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 The three amplitude sports steering wheel creates an excellent scientific and technological atmosphere for the vehicle . The physical keys under the central control are arranged neatly , The damping feeling is clear . Details , The outline of color trim strip and the design of sports seat are adopted , The overall sense of grade has been significantly improved .

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