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59 year old Tom is still handsome in a suit when filming at the station. He is a perfect match for his 20-year-old girlfriend

2021-08-27 12:05:08 Oriental Infotainment

Local time 8 month 21 Japan , Tom · Cruise appeared at the railway station in Birmingham, England , Wearing a straight suit, he wears pilot glasses , This is a friendly wave to the crowd . At first glance, I thought Tom was shopping , But the truth is that he's continuing to shoot 《 Mission: impossible 7》, I have to say that the shooting of this film is really full of twists and turns , Suspended and postponed .

Although it was shooting , But now 59 At the age of, Tom really showed the quality of professional actors , Showed no indifference and impatience to the onlookers , But let them take pictures with their mobile phones with a smile , It's very considerate , And it takes a few minutes , Not only will it not delay the work , It will also increase its popularity and popularity , That's smart enough .

Standing with Tom is the heroine in the film , British actor Haley · Hayley Atwell , A beautiful and sassy actress . And now 39 It seems that Haley and Tom are not only colleagues , During the shooting last year , They were also revealed to be in love . Although the news is a little difficult to tell true from false , But there is 20 They look like a perfect match when they are two years old , Although it's about to 60 Year old , But Tom is as handsome as ever , Especially when he puts on a suit , It shows a gentleman's style .

Many fans know that Haley , Not because she's Tom's latest “ Girlfriend ”, It's also because she played Peggy · carter , That is, Captain America's girlfriend . In other words 40 Year old “ American team ” Chris · Evans is also single , Is it really impossible for him and Haley ? This is something many Marvel fans are looking forward to .

It is reported that Tom and Haley played the same day , Except at the railway station , And Birmingham bullring Mall . And the whereabouts of Hollywood male stars after work that day , It was also exposed by the owner of an Indian restaurant . The restaurant owner shared a photo with Tom as the protagonist on social media , In the picture, he changed his suit into his usual dark blue sweater and jeans , And took off the mask very cooperatively . It is reported that Tom stayed in the restaurant 2 Hours , I ordered Indian masala chicken twice (Chicken Tikka Masala), The boss is quite proud of it .

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