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The stupidest design of a car: chassis, spare tire, rotating seat, no steering wheel, and?

2021-08-27 12:07:42 Car loving Corps

What are the stupidest designs of cars ? Talk about this topic , I believe the riders are half experts . Today, let's take a look at the stupidest designs on the car , See if your car has ? If there are some unbearable design features in your car , We might as well discuss with you in the message area .

1、 Nazhijie spare tire

Na Zhijie brand has come to an end , Some say yes. “ Two barrels of oil ” Our partners have a great relationship , Many car owners make fun of , Kaina Zhijie is not on the way to the gas station , It's at the gas station . Step on the floor oil , The fuel tank can also create vortices , If you idle to accelerate , You never fill up a tank of oil , This is a lot of car owners 、 Netizens ridiculed Na Zhijie .

But what we are going to talk about today is an anti-human design of nazigje , And the stupidest design , That is to place the spare tire on the chassis , Especially nazigje 7 This kind of SUV, Become a laughing stock of motorists . It was concluded that , Na Zhijie doesn't go to the end , I'm really sorry for human IQ .

2、 Volkswagen swivel seat

as everyone knows , The most important two points in the functional design of the car : Easy to use and durable , But when it comes to Volkswagen's rotating seats , Volkswagen owners continue to make complaints about , The function of the car is completely divorced from “ To use ” The category of , Some Volkswagen car owners also say , Is the designer's brain short circuited ? Otherwise, this anti-human function cannot be created .

The operation of rotating the seat through rotation is indeed less labor-saving and trouble-saving than the manipulation of the wrench , The operation is also very simple , The rotating seat will be more time-consuming and laborious , For girls , Adjust a seat , You have to operate for a long time if you don't understand .

3、 Citroen does not move the steering wheel in the middle

In China, many people say that cars are very romantic , As I say, a romantic ball ! In car design , French cars are the most popular “ Dead brain ” Brand series . Citroen make complaints about the middle steering wheel. , Why is it stupid , Because it has changed the driver's consistent driving habits , This is a very dangerous operation on a car .

Just like Tesla's single pedal mode , If you're not used to it , It is very easy to cause great maladjustment , Or it is easy to cause a car accident , So said , Car driving habit is a conscious thing that ordinary people have developed , A car brand should remember not to challenge the driver's usage habits , And Citroen does not move the steering wheel in the middle , In fact, no wonder users make complaints about them. , What you think? ?

Actually , This is not the only point , For the maintenance master , The most afraid model to repair is the French car , Don't ask why , Because the routing of the car is very messy , You need to fix a place , A large part of the engine compartment may have to be removed . Frankly speaking , Car repair , This is the nightmare of a car repairman , What do you think ?

4、 Engine start and stop

Is engine start and stop one of the stupid designs , Let me start with the views of all parties . Car companies think , Starting and stopping the engine can effectively reduce the fuel consumption at idle speed , Especially when waiting for the traffic light , Can reduce fuel consumption .

But there are different opinions on the part of the owner , The owner thinks , Engine start stop technology is useless , Instead, it affects the car experience , Irregular engine start affects driving experience . On the other hand , Frequent ignition of the battery is easily caused by continuous starting of the engine , The service life of the battery is greatly reduced , Cost of battery replacement in the future , It's not worth saving this little gas money , What do you think ?

Wrote last , The stupidest design in a car , In addition to the above , What else ? Let's talk about your opinion .

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