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The small Camry is another popular car of GAC Toyota

2021-08-27 12:31:52 Oriental Information automobile

International Online Auto Channel News : Known as the trumpet “ camry ” GAC Toyota lingshang has been with 2021 Officially met with consumers in the first half of the year . As a brand new product created by GAC Toyota A+ Class sedan , Ling Shangji TNGA Architecture is built , It fills the market gap between Camry and leiling , It provides more targeted choices for friends who like GAC Toyota cars .

Ling Shang

Lingshangquan is equipped with the same model of Camry, the flagship of medium and high-class cars TNGA 2.0 Lift naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 126Ps, Peak torque 205N·m, This engine also has VVT-iE technology , The intake and exhaust efficiency can be improved by changing the intake and exhaust valve timing . Thanks to the excellence of this engine , Make lingshang drive with plenty of power , adept . More Than This , Ling Shang can also be matched to simulate 10 Fast CVT Continuously variable transmission also plays a key role in driving comfort of the whole vehicle , There will be no impact during upshift , At the same time, the engine speed can be maintained at a reasonable level , Ensure the fuel economy of the whole vehicle .

At the beginning of GAC Toyota's establishment , He has rich experience in high-quality car production and service , It has a huge base of car users . and TNGA The architecture redefines the level of vehicle safety , The eighth generation Camry and the new generation leiling have achieved C-IASI China Insurance Research Institute vehicle occupant safety index 、 Pedestrian safety index 、 All three items of vehicle auxiliary safety index “G( good )” The evaluation of . Sponsored by China Quality Association 2020 China automobile user satisfaction evaluation (CACSI) in , camry 、 Lei Ling ranks first in their respective market segments .

Lingshang interior decoration

In order to launch another popular model to the market , As always, GAC Toyota has done enough homework for lingshang . Ling Shang, like Camry, is from Toyota TNGA framework , Have a lower center of gravity , It's also visually lower , However, the waist line design of lingshang body shows an obvious upward trend , It creates a visual effect of diving forward . New car Manager / wide / High respectively 4695x1780x1435mm, Have a car comparable to medium and high-class cars 2750mm Long wheelbase . Body exterior , The large mouth air intake grille makes the front face look very comfortable , The headlights on both sides are connected with each other through a black decorative panel , Sickle shape matching LED Headlights are both fashionable and dynamic ; The rear of the car follows the design language of the Toyota family , The current popular through tail lamp design is adopted , In line with the current trend . Body interior , The steering wheel leather feels better , Sewing technology also shows a higher level, comparable to luxury cars ; The size of the full LCD instrument equipped is 12.3 Inch , The display effect is very clear and has rich information functions ; The size of the central control suspension screen is 9 Inch , Support video entertainment 、 bluetooth 、 speech recognition 、 The Himalayan 、QQ Music and navigation . For what modern young people value “ Intelligent interconnection ”, Lingshang also provides air conditioning including remote start 、 Remote car search and other functions . Lingshang is also equipped with a rare high-grade leather seat at the same level , Better wrapping , The distance between the front and rear seats is up to 980mm, Create a spacious and comfortable riding space for the rear passengers , And the rear seats can also be put down in proportion to four or six , It makes it easier to take items from the trunk , At the same time, it increases the loading space of the trunk . Lingshang used the front McPherson independent suspension + Rear double wishbone independent suspension combination , In the face of road bumps , The chassis can filter out most of the impact , No obvious vibration is felt in the car , Ensure the comfort of riding .

Equipped with a rare high-grade leather seat at the same level

In today's market, which emphasizes vehicle safety , Lingshangquan is equipped with Toyota TSS2 Smart travel safety suit , Including pre crash safety system 、 Dynamic radar cruise control system 、 Lane tracking assist system and automatic high beam system , Can achieve quasi L2 Class a autopilot , And it's all standard 7 individual SRS Air sac . at present , With Toyota TSS The total mileage of Zhixing safety suit is close to 35 Million kilometers , It's like going around the earth 9 Wan Quan , Provide mature and stable service for car owners 、 Safe and intimate driving experience .

GAC Toyota lingshang not only has unique high-value charm , Toyota is also a master of many advanced technologies and advanced equipment in the world , And just 15 A budget of 10000 yuan can bring multiple surprises to young consumers . As a new brand of GAC Toyota TNGA Leapfrog car , Lingshang will further expand the product matrix of the car family , Inject new impetus into the new round of sales growth of GAC Toyota .( picture source : GAC Toyota Beijing Senhua 4S shop )

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